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A free online course to help occupational therapy students prepare* for the NBCOT® Exam.

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Hi there! Thank you again for enrolling in this free course. Please take the time to read this message before you start reviewing.

Let me introduce myself as this is likely your first time being exposed to me and content. 🙂

My name is Jeff and I am a licensed occupational therapist. NBCOT Exam Prep was actually not my first project for professional OT content. I started OT Dude anonymously to provide free resources for students and practitioners as a general blog, reference guide, rehab calculators, and salary database. Although there were some great NBCOT Exam Prep resources already, there was a large gap in updated content. Around the same time that I revealed my identity is when I started creating more NBCOT Exam content to help students review for the boards.

Please take the time to review the actual responses after each quiz as there will be rationales, explanations, and feedback – just like how you should review these in the back of the book of your study guides. Due to a software limitation, some questions, e.g., matching, that contain multiple parts cannot be automatically scored. For these, click View Questions to review each individual answer.

I 100% respect your time. I know you have other choices when it comes to NBCOT Exam review materials – both free and paid. So I truly appreciate you for giving me a chance to help you review for the NBCOT exam. If you have seen my other content, you know that I regularly create high-quality content for the OT community. I spent a lot of time researching, creating, editing, reviewing, and updating this course.

I strive to make the study guides and videos as concise and short as possible, but due to the nature of some of the subject matter, some content may require more of your time, such as videos. Feel free to skip ahead of skim these. My goal is to over-prepare you instead of under.

The last is to please not compare me to other established resources, like NBCOT or AOTA. When I was studying for the boards, I didn’t have as many resources as you all these days, and many were out of my financial reach – which may be the case for some of you as well. I don’t have a full team behind me like the NBCOT or AOTA. And even they have made mistakes from time to time, e.g., in their answers and rationales.

There are already thousands enrolled and many review it every day. I have had nothing but overall positive feedback for this course. I regularly get messages from students who have used my content and passed the boards with this resource.

Some of you may already know that running and maintaining a website not only requires hard work and time but can actually cost a lot as well.

My last bill for web hosting alone was well over $1000!

So please consider joining the Club to directly support this project. Thank you to all of you who have provided positive feedback, donated, or purchased my other services and products.

If you found my content helpful, I would also much appreciate it if you mention OT Dude in the AOTA Exam Prep Facebook Group.

Good luck, take care of yourselves, and wishing you the best in your studies and on the board exam!

– Jeffrey Kou, MSOT, OTR/L

How To Get the Most Out of This Course

How To Get the Most Out of This Course

  1. Join the OT Dude Club
  2. Upon successful registration, return to this course page.
  3. You will now see a % progress bar at the top of the course.
  4. Start reviewing! Quiz results are automatically saved if you are logged in.
  5. Progress along the course by clicking Mark Complete checkmark button at the bottom of the modules as you complete them.
  6. Club Member Subscribers: Click the Resume Course button to pick up where you left off (the lesson after the one you last marked as complete).
  7. Report Card: see how you are doing with the quizzes and simulation exams in NBCOT score format, e.g., 450 on the My Report Card Page.
After the exam – How you can help

After you take the NBCOT Exam, please come back and help out by filling out a quick anonymous NBCOT score vs. practice tests percentage score survey to help improve practice questions for this course and to give future test takers a better idea of what percentage is needed to pass. This would be much appreciated!

User Agreement and Policy

All content provided on this course is the property of OT Dude and is protected by copyright licenses and trademark laws. All rights reserved. Although this course is free, it is not copyright-free.

By continuing and enrolling in this course, you agree to not copy, re-distribute, and re-sell this content without written permission from the publisher.

Throughout this course, you are encouraged to take notes and print parts of sections for personal use but redistribution of the contents of this course is forbidden. Abuse or non-compliance with this policy will result in account suspension or further legal action. This is intended to protect the community from abuse such as scams, fraud, and viruses.

Please report any suspicious activities or violations of this policy via the Contact page.

  • OT Dude and the products on this site are provided as-is and are for educational purposes only. Read the full Disclaimer.
  • This course is not a guarantee that you will pass the NBCOT® Exam, not a comprehensive guide to prepare for the OT board exam, nor is it intended to replicate the NBCOT® Exam exam or its questions.
  • This course is a ‘beta-release’ and is incomplete and not a finished product. It may contain typos, errors, or be missing some sections. Sections may be rearranged or deleted without any notice due to ongoing changes and improvements.
  • This course is not endorsed by or affiliated with NBCOT®, AOTA®, or any other third-party companies or publishers.

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NBCOT Exam Preparation
OT Domain and Process
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Professional Issues
Human Development
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Pediatric Psychosocial
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Pediatric Conditions
Medical Conditions
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CST (Clinical Simulation Test) – Practice Scenarios (BETA)
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MC (Multiple Choice Simulation Test Bank)
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