OT Dude Academy’s Occupational Therapy Career Introduction Course

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    • Are you interested in helping others as a career?
    • Are you interested in working with children or adults who struggle in their daily life due to a disability?
    • Do you want to learn more about what occupational therapy is?
    • Are you deciding between a career in occupational therapy versus other professions?
    • Are you researching occupational therapy, but want to gain a better understanding of the profession without having to waste time looking all over the Internet?

    No matter if you are just choosing a college major or even thinking about completely changing your career, this will be the right course for you.

    In this course of over 35 lessons, you will learn about:

    1. What occupational therapy is.
    2. The perception of occupational therapy in society.
    3. Challenges faced on the job by practitioners.
    4. Why occupational therapy is effective.
    5. Environments and populations that occupational therapists work in and with.
    6. What occupational therapists really do in their work.
    7. The meaningful activities that occupational therapists address.
    8. Foundational theories of occupational therapy practice.
    9. Fundamental OT concepts that provide a preview of what OT school will be like.
    10. And much more!

    By taking this course, you will be more prepared for occupational therapy school and be well ahead of your peers.

    This course contains engaging videos you can watch anywhere and quizzes to test your knowledge and to inform you about the profession of occupational therapy.

    As a real practicing occupational therapist, I will teach you the most important concepts that are essential to becoming a successful occupational therapy practitioner.

    This course also includes a step-by-step guide for how to become an occupational therapist from researching schools, completing pre-requisite courses, being confident and prepared in your interview, what Fieldwork and the Capstone project entails, and how to prepare for the occupational therapy board exam.

    You will learn how to collaborate with individuals facing their most challenging disabilities to move forward and to promote meaningful engagement in their life’s most important activities and so much more.

    Are you ready to make a difference in your life and the life of others while earning a competitive salary?

    Then, what are you waiting for?

    Enroll now and I will see you in this class and one day, out in the field!

    Who this course is for:

    • “Occupational Therapy Introduction & Career Guide” was created for anyone interested in learning more about the field of Occupational Therapy.
    • An interest in healthcare, working with children or adults, helping others, and using your creativity.
    • Anyone including: (1) High school students, (2) College students, (3) College graduates, (4) Current working individuals, (5) Occupational therapy candidates, (6) Current occupational therapy students, (7) New grad occupational therapy students, or (8) Anyone considering a career change
    • Anyone who is wondering if occupational therapy may be the right fit for them.
    • Pre-OT Students

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    Check out the Free Previews below to see what this course is like!


    Jeff is a licensed occupational therapist and lead content creator for OT Dude. He covers all things occupational therapy as well as other topics including healthcare, wellness, mental health, technology, science, culture, sociology, philosophy, and more.