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Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) Occupational Therapy Treatment Precautions

Occupational Therapy Precautions for Osteogenesis Imperfecta Don’t pull or push on a limb or bend it. Use caution when taking blood pressure; avoid automatic blood pressure cuffs. If a fracture is suspected, minimize handling of the affected limb. Respect the opinions, advice, or instructions provided by parents or family. Do not lift a baby from […]

Virtual Occupational Therapy Shadowing During the Pandemic COVID-19

Hey Pre-OT Students, I wanted to share a cool resource for those who are looking for the required occupational therapy shadowing hours when applying for an occupational therapy program. With the pandemic and COVID-19, many facilities have either temporarily closed or significantly limited the number of students they are allowing to shadow under an occupational […]

MET Levels Made Easy

MET Levels & Cardiac Rehab Made Easy for Occupational Therapy

Stages Stages you should know go from 1 to 6 I to VI. To minimize confusion with the actual MET levels which are written in decimal format, the stages are written in roman numerals. Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV Stage V Stage VI MET Level Ranges to Know 1.0 – 1.4 (Stage I) […]

An Occupational Therapist Begins to Learn Stenography with Plover

Introduction I went down a deep rabbit hole and am participating in a new occupation. This time it involves virtually no investment but a lot of time, dedication, and practice, but the benefits are potentially well worth the effort. I am talking about stenography and Plover for a replacement to QWERTY keyboard typing. I am […]

PureWick Use, Warnings, & Precautions – PSA

PureWick Use, Warnings, & Precautions for OT UPDATE: I have been seeing more of this happening at my work. As mentioned by the manufacturer: “Do not use with bedpan or any material that does allow for sufficient airflow”. Mesh type underwear should be fine since they have holes for airflow. Update 11/9/2020: I spoke with […]

Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice (2021)

#1 – Telehealth and mHealth 2020 saw a spike in “telehealth” Google search and this is no doubt caused by the pandemic and the initial lockdowns around the world. Notice how after the spike for telehealth, searches for telehealth continue at a new floor just under 25 on the interest over time scale. (A value […]

SWOT Analysis for Market Research – Occupational Therapy Private Practice

In the planning stages of starting an occupational therapy private practice or any business really, a SWOT Analysis can help you develop a good awareness of yourself as an entrepreneur, your market, and your client’s needs. What is SWOT? SWOT is an analytical framework that is used to evaluate your business’s competitive position for strategic […]

Occupation vs Activity – Occupational Therapy Definitions Explained

“Words are time bound.” What are the definitions of occupation and activity? What about purposeful activity? What are the similarities and differences between them? Can these words be used interchangeably? Why should we even bother with understanding the history, definitions, purpose, and usage trends of each word? After reading this post, you will have a […]

Mirror Therapy for Occupational Therapy Stroke Rehabilitation – Latest Evidence-based Practice

Occupational therapists working in stroke rehabilitation may use mirror therapy (MT) as an intervention for managing their symptoms and promoting function. This post will highlight the history of mirror therapy (MT), what it was and is used for, the evidence, and its pros and cons. This post will address each of these factors for the […]

The Best EMRs for Occupational Therapy Practice – My Vulnerability Concerns

What is the best EMR to use for occupational therapy? What are some concerns that you should have in regards to vulnerabilities? EMR Interest and Adoption There is a growing concern for the vulnerabilities in EMR used by occupational therapy practitioners. A frequent question asked on occupational therapy groups for entrepreneurs is, “what EMR software […]

Top Ways to Improve Commodes for Toileting

Let’s talk about commodes Commodes are a wonderful piece of DME for toileting. They can be quite versatile, e.g, 3-in-1, are portable for use by patients in facilities and in the home. Some variations of commodes include drop-arm commodes, bariatric commodes, and technically a rolling shower commode counts as one. In my head, I have […]

Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) Made Easy for Occupational Therapy – Bonus Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

BONUS: Take the OT Dude GCS Quiz at the end to test your knowledge. Here are some ways I remembered how to to calculate the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) when I was an EMT (and used it daily). This is important to know well because (1) it may show up on your NBCOT Exam (2) […]

The Irony of NPI Numbers – PSA: Your Private Information is Probably Public on the Internet

I waited months to write this post for my own privacy reasons as I was trying to figure out what was going on and mitigate my own leak. I made an NPI how-to post and YouTube video about NPI in general and the possibility of your private information being exposed on the Internet. It turns […]

Self Range of Motion Exercises for Stroke Hemiparesis

Tabletop Wipe While seated or standing on a firm flat surface, place your non-involved hand on your other hand, on a towel, on top of the surface. Polish the surface by making large circles in both directions. Increase the size of the circles of higher difficulty. Cradled Shoulder Shrugs Cradle your involved elbow with your […]

MoCA Certification Requirement on 9/1/19

MoCA or Montreal Cognitive Assessment is an easy to administer screening tool for early detection of cognitive dysfunction. Conditions that the MoCA are commonly used for include Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and Stroke. Currently, any clinician, health professional, or worker can administer, score, and interpret the MocA should be trained and certified. Many practitioners may currently be using […]

Supporting Occupational Therapy in Medicare Home Health

Occupational therapy still has a long way to go compared to other disciplines. During a discharge planning meeting, I had a patient on my caseload who would have benefitted from home health occupational therapy services. I believe they were Medicare. However, they were walking more than 300′ with an assistive device and would have been […]

Occupational Therapist Job Outlook, Industry Comparison

What Comes After Thursday? FUNCTIONAL FRIDAYS, Occupational Therapy

Hide the cones, hide the rings, and all the preparatory things. AOTA had an interesting post about Cody LaRue, MS, OTR/L, who was inspired to institute a new practice called “Functional Fridays” at his facility in Petersburg, VA. “Our emphasis is always on function,” LaRue says. “But sometimes having certain preparatory activities within reach can […]