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Where to Find Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) – Occupational Therapy

In occupational therapy, evidence-based practice is the integration of various factors to inform clinical practice with clients, groups, and the population. Factors that are considered include: Research and evidence in the literature Clinical expertise and opinion Client and caregiver perspectives Clinicians consider these factors together to make their practice decisions and to provide high-quality services […]

COVID-19 Challenges to Autism (ASD) for Adults – Occupational Therapists Recomendations

Introduction As the omicron variant is on the rise in the US, reports of it affecting the younger population are a concern. Adults with ASD continue to face difficulties in managing their day-to-day life due to factors such as economic instability, job security, mental health, physical health, and overall uncertainty. Here are some ways you […]

Preliminary Data for Pilot Study – Occupational Therapists Living with Chronic Disabilities – An Online Quantitative & Qualitative Survey

I decided to post the raw results from my 6 participants as this is a small sample size and not too overwhelming to read. This data comes from a survey I posted calling for participants who experienced a disability (mental or physical) in the field of occupational therapy. It asked questions about basic demographic information, […]

Child Development Red Flags – Occupational Therapy Practice

Introduction Developmental problems in children can have lifelong implications on their health and wellbeing. Early detection of developmental problems provides an opportunity for early intervention by occupational therapy practitioners and the team. This provides the team with an opportunity to change the child’s developmental trajectory into a positive one that can promote their potential. Keep in […]

Red Flags for Brain Injury – Occupational Therapy Practice

Introduction Over 1.5 million TBIs occur every year. Many brain injuries can go undiagnosed, even in the hospital. Identifying mild to moderate brain injuries can be challenging, but help to prevent loss of further occupational participation and lowered quality of life. These red flags from history, chief complaints, signs, and symptoms can be an indication […]

CBD for Chronic Pain – Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practice 2021

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. Research Human use of cannabis-derived products, including for medicinal use dates back many millennia.[1]Kalant, H. (2001). Medicinal Use of Cannabis: History and Current Status. Pain Res. Manag. 6 (2), 80–91. doi: 10.1155/2001/469629 Clinical evidence suggests […]

Occupational Therapy Interventions for Substance Use Disorders (2021)

Introduction Is mental health in the US lacking? What role can occupational therapy practitioners play in this shortage? Are occupational therapists equipped to provide services to this population? A 2014 report found that many counties in some states have no primary mental health professionals and practicing psychiatrists.[1]Maxey, H. L., & Norwood, C. W. (2014, November). […]

Role of Occupational Therapy in Palliative and Hospice End-of-Life Care

Definition Palliative Care – An interdisciplinary team approach for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses to enhance the quality of life. The goal is to provide pain relief, comfort, symptom management, support systems, including psychological and spiritual care along with medical treatment. Quick Facts Clients may receive palliative care for months to years, depending on […]

Can Occupational Therapy and Healthcare Be Decentralized?

Many occupational therapy practitioners as well as clients and patients have their frustrations with the healthcare system in America. “It’s too expensive.” “It does not cover anything/everything.” “It has poor services for mental health.” “It is overly privatized.” And so on. Many hope for it to be like other countries and universal.” Is this the […]

Let’s Talk About Death – Occupational Therapy Practice [Transcript]

Let’s talk about death and dying. I think this topic is definitely not talked about enough in our society here in America. Even old age and the processing of aging seem to be taboo. And I think as healthcare workers, many of us (not blaming anyone or any profession or anything) but many healthcare professionals […]

The Trifecta Approach to Tongue Ties

The Experience Having an infant with a tongue tie can be stressful. As breastfeeding has regained popularity as the method of choice for new moms over formula, a tongue may prevent an infant from properly nursing. Tongue ties themselves are not all the same. They come in varying levels of involvement, location, and barrier to […]

Top Least Stressful Occupational Therapy Settings to Work In 2021-2022

This article will describe the top least stressful occupational therapy settings to work in. Some of it will be based on research from the literature, from public forums, and lastly, my personal opinion. Introduction There are two things to note: (1) What is stressful for one person may not be for another. For example, you […]

Bedside Screening for Vision – Occupational Therapy

Tags Eye Movements, Eye Disease, Visually Impaired Persons, Vision Disorders, Blindness,  Diplopia, Vision, Binocular Vision, Monocular Visual Acuity, Visual Fields, Low Ocular Motility Disorders, Cortical Hemianopsia, Abducens Nerve Diseases, Abducens Nerve, Oculomotor Nerve, Trochlear Nerve, Visual Perception, Nystagmus, Strabismus, Smooth pursuits, Saccades, Depth perception, Stereopsis, Gaze disorder, internuclear opthalmoplegia, Parinaud’s syndrome, Weber’s syndrome, Skew deviation, […]

Brain Injury (ABI/TBI) Care Continuum / Settings for Occupational Therapy

Acute Emergency Services (EMS) Emergency Department Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Specialty Neurotrauma OR Long-term Acute Care Post-Acute Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Hospital Post-Acute Residential Rehabilitation OR Home with Family and Outpatient Treatment OR SubAcute Rehabilitation Independent LivingSupported Living Program in Group Home or ApartmentHome with Family and OT ServicesNursing Care Facility Source: Rocky […]

Rancho Los Amigos Levels – Occupational Therapy

The Rancho Los Amigos Scale is used to evaluate a patient following a brain injury. The levels are based on observations of the patient’s responses to the environment. It provides insight into their progress during recovery and rehabilitation. The occupational therapist supports the team and the patient throughout their recovery based on their level of […]

Desensitization Techniques for the Hand and Upper Extremity – Occupational Therapy

After surgery or a condition, hypersensitivity may occur with or without pain in areas such as the upper limbs. Recovery is often slow and may be resistant to treatment. This guide describes conditions, assessment, precautions, treatment techniques, and research for desensitization (tactile). Definition: Hyperesthesia is both a lower threshold to sensory stimuli and a higher […]

Trademark Guide for Occupational Therapy Entrepreneurs – USPTO Update 2021

If you are looking into filing for a trademark as an occupational therapist, then this guide is for you. There are many benefits to filing a trademark for your business or brand. With the increase of business marketing and operations moving to the Internet and the increasing popularity of platforms such as YouTube and Social […]

YSK: There is a Live HIPAA Breach Website by the US Department of Health and Human Services – Best Practices for Occupational Therapy Small Businesses

Data breaches are a common and ongoing phenomenon these days. Patient information such as their health records, private information, and associated information make for high-value targets by malicious parties. Here’s what you can do to find out about breaches, what to do if you suspect you or someone such as a patient has been breached, […]