This is a quick tutorial explaining how to get started with earning using your unique Affiliate referral links.

Getting Started

You will be directed to click on the Creatives link once you login to the Affiliate Control Panel for the first time. Alternatively, click on the Creatives tab at the top.

Generating your referral link

Copy the link in the box and share this with your followers. When followers click on this link, you will be credited with a ‘click’ (visit).

Earning on Sales

To earn commissions on products in our store (sales), use the tool below to generate a link either to our Store or to a product directly from the Store. In the first example below, the link to the main store is pasted into (1). Next, click (2) Generate Referral URL. The link generated in (3) is your custom referral link to our store. Copy this link and share it wherever you like. When someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you will earn a sales commission. See below for an example of linking directly to a product.


Linking directly to a product

Copy the URL of the product you wish to earn a referral on. The method is the same to generate a link for the general Store, except the URL is different. Below you can see a custom generated referral link (circled in red) to a specific product, Occupational Therapy Introduction and Career Guide E-book from our store.
It’s that easy to copy and share your referral links.

Tracking your Earnings

The Affiliate Control Panel has other tabs which are pretty self-explanatory. You can click Overview and Sales to track your performance, sales, and earnings.

Happy Earning!