CST Tutorial Added to the NBCOT Exam Prep Course

Hope the review is going well for you!

Just wanted to provide an exciting update on the free NBCOT Exam Prep Course.

CST (Clinical Simulation Test) is in the works!

A silly CST tutorial was added to the end of the course so that you become familiar with how the CST format works before you take your first CST practice scenarios.

I have never done this before, but my goal is to create at least 3 CST scenario sets (pediatrics, mental health, physical disabilities) for my course.

It is a very ambitious goal as I am not a professional NBCOT Exam question maker, but I would like to still try and create something free that might be helpful for you if you are reviewing for the NBCOT exam.

Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you get notified of CST updates. Sorry, but no timeline yet for when this will be completed. I have so many projects that I am simultaneously working on now, but I want to make CSTs as I don’t think a free resource like this exists aside from AOTA’s, NBCOT’s, and other paid commercial products? If it does, then this will be just another free resource to help ya’ll out!

Yes, I also plan to create a practice MC question bank too, but this is like even more difficult and time-consuming as it requires coming up with MC answer choices with only 1 being correct, as well as answer rationales for each answer choice. It’s a lot of work for one dude, but it is a goal of mine also! Maybe I can hire some OTs to help with this…one day.