What to do the day before your NBCOT® Exam

What you should do

Relax. Do something therapeutic!

  • Meditate/Mindfulness
  • Pray
  • Yoga
  • Listen to music
  • Play or make music
  • Go on a walk or hike
  • Exercise/Sports
  • Walk your dog
  • Bathe your pets
  • Retail Therapy
  • Cook or bake
  • Clean
  • Spend time with family
  • Read a (non-OT) book
  • Watch Netflix or TV
  • Create something
  • Practice postiive-self talk
  • Write a letter to yourself, journal
  • Plan something nice to do
  • Tell your family not to disturb you while you sleep
  • Recite, post-up, and use a positive affirmation

What to Avoid

  • Studying or reviewing
  • Perseverating on your practice test scores
  • Thinking about rescheduling
  • Going on study groups (Facebook, etc.)
  • Drinking alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Negative self-talk
  • Overloading your brain with learning something too challenging, e.g. foreign language
  • Staying up late