AM-PAC 6 Clicks for ADLs

Developed as a short form of the AM-PAC (Activity Measure for Post Acute Care) instrument. Designed to be minimally burdensome to both providers and patients, 6 Clicks is an electronically administered pair of questionnaires that assess patients’ and self-care abilities (ADLs).
Clinicians select the appropriate response for the AM-PAC Inpatient Short Form items based on observed patient activity and/or professional judgment.


Score the person’s ability to do the activity:

  • Do NOT change the intent of the item to suit the patient’s
    issues, example: For an upper extremity function item, if the patient has
    one hand involved, DO NOT score the item based on only on using
    the involved extremity.
  • If you have not observed the activity, score based on
    your clinical judgment.

Response Clinical Guide

  • Unable = Total/Dependent Assist
  • A lot = Max/Mod Assist
  • A little = Min/Contact Guard Assist/Supervision
  • No assistance (None) = Modified Independence/Independent
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Jette, D. U., Stilphen, M., Ranganathan, V. K., Passek, S. D., Frost, F. S., & Jette, A. M. (2014). Validity of the AM-PAC “6-Clicks” inpatient daily activity and basic mobility short forms. Physical therapy, 94(3), 379-391.

1. Putting on and taking off regular lower body clothing?

2. Bathing (including washing, rinsing, drying)?

3. Toileting, which includes using toilet, bedpan, or urinal?

4. Putting on and taking off regular upper body clothing?

5. Personal grooming such as brushing teeth?

6. Eating meals?