Thoughts on: Deliberately Dying as an Occupation

I have always wondered how death played into the profession of occupational therapy. As there are many definitions of occupation that have changed over time, this can be challenging. However, one thing seems to be missing from these definitions and that is the concept of, preparation of, and process of death. One definition of occupation … Read more

Occupational Therapist’s Thoughts on the Rodanda Vaught Criminal Nursing Medicational Error Case

I am deeply disappointed in the legal controversy surrounding the Rodanda Vaught case. That’s the one where a nurse made a medication error that resulted in the death of a patient under her care. She was fired, ultimately had her nursing license revoked, and faced criminal charges for the death of the patient. She is … Read more

Motivational Interviewing for Vaccine Hesitancy (COVID-19) – Occupational Therapy EBP

Introduction I have been thinking for a while about how we can help those who are anti-vax or the vaccine-hesitant to change their mind and be more willing, if not ultimately more receptive and take action to become vaccinated. I am not just talking about COVID-19, but for other diseases for which vaccines have a … Read more

Can Occupational Therapy and Healthcare Be Decentralized?

Many occupational therapy practitioners as well as clients and patients have their frustrations with the healthcare system in America. “It’s too expensive.” “It does not cover anything/everything.” “It has poor services for mental health.” “It is overly privatized.” And so on. Many hope for it to be like other countries and universal.” Is this the … Read more

Now What Do We Eat? – Western Diet and Fast Food Linked to Neurodegenerative Diseases and Disrupters – Occupational Therapist’s Thoughts

Some interesting topics have come up in my feed lately regarding the Western diet and plastics. First of all, I love this stuff. Cheeseburgers. French Fries. Donuts. Soda. The pandemic did not help with me avoiding this food. Our family has set some goals for us, including our little one, to eat healthier. Now there’s … Read more

Is It a Good Idea To Get Life Insurance Now? – Occupational Therapist’s Perspective

Disclaimer: Now, I am by no means an insurance expert, but I wanted to provide some insight into the current life insurance world. This post is for educational purposes and you should always consult with a professional for advice and recommendations. Short answer: yes – if you can afford it. Whether or not you should … Read more

Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice (2021)

#1 – Telehealth and mHealth 2020 saw a spike in “telehealth” Google search and this is no doubt caused by the pandemic and the initial lockdowns around the world. Notice how after the spike for telehealth, searches for telehealth continue at a new floor just under 25 on the interest over time scale. (A value … Read more