Occupational Therapy Coronavirus COVID-19 Update #2

covid 19 world map 04012020

This update has been long overdue. I first wrote about COVID-19 on February 10 – I think it was not even called COVID-19 at that point and people were still calling it coronavirus. Although I have been following the numbers, when I compared my first screenshot from the first post to today’s, my jaw dropped… … Read more

Happy OT Month 2020

This is OTDUDE.com’s first year celebrating OT month. We are very fortunate to be apart of this amazing community of inspiring professionals working with clients and populations across the lifespan. This year’s motto: Occupational Therapy: EMBRACING CHALLENGES, ENHANCING LIVES. We will be participating in the social media’s ABCs of OT #ABCsofOT for this year’s month … Read more

My Thoughts on PPE for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

3/3/20 Coronavirus Cases: 859,338 Deaths: 42,334 Recovered: 178,125 Social media has been spreading positive awareness, but also misinformation about the novel coronavirus. The general public has now become aware of the shortage of PPE for healthcare workers in the United States. There have been some posts from healthcare providers, including OTs that are sending some … Read more

Top 5 Occupational Therapy Blogs to Follow (2019)

Top 5 list of blogs that we recommend (and also follow ourselves) for all things Occupational Therapy. 1. AOTA’s CommunOT Welcome to the American Occupational Therapy Association’s blog! Get the latest information and news from AOTA staff here on AOTA’s blog. From advocacy and policy news to tips for your practice, we regularly blog about … Read more

What is in your OT pockets?

What is in your OT pockets? I love my scrub pockets. They are so useful. Sometimes I almost have more things in my pockets than some of our nurses! Scrub shirt Chest pocket: pen, post-it notes, alcohol prep wipes (for wiping sunglasses, clean-up for taking manual blood pressures, giving them to nurses who need them … Read more

Overzealous in preventing falls, hospitals are producing an ‘epidemic of immobility’ in elderly patients

The Washington Post wrote an article titled, “Overzealous in preventing falls, hospitals are producing an ‘epidemic of immobility’ in elderly patients“. The content highlighted exactly what has been occurring in my hospital. In just a few days at the Ohio hospital, where she had no occupational or physical therapy, Twigg grew so weak that it … Read more

MoCA Certification Requirement on 9/1/19

MoCA or Montreal Cognitive Assessment is an easy to administer screening tool for early detection of cognitive dysfunction. Conditions that the MoCA are commonly used for include Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and Stroke. Currently, any clinician, health professional, or worker can administer, score, and interpret the MocA should be trained and certified. Many practitioners may currently be using … Read more