Are You Misclassified as an Independent Contractor for Occupational Therapy?

Are you correctly classified as occupational therapy independent contractor? Or should you be an employee? What is exempt vs. non-exempt. Misclassification can result in hefty fines. Learn about the differences and whether you should seek further advice because you are incorrectly classified performing work as an occupational therapist.

Trademark Guide for Occupational Therapy Entrepreneurs – USPTO Update 2021

If you are looking into filing for a trademark as an occupational therapist, then this guide is for you. There are many benefits to filing a trademark for your business or brand. With the increase of business marketing and operations moving to the Internet and the increasing popularity of platforms such as YouTube and Social … Read more

YSK: There is a Live HIPAA Breach Website by the US Department of Health and Human Services – Best Practices for Occupational Therapy Small Businesses

Data breaches are a common and ongoing phenomenon these days. Patient information such as their health records, private information, and associated information make for high-value targets by malicious parties. Here’s what you can do to find out about breaches, what to do if you suspect you or someone such as a patient has been breached, … Read more

SWOT Analysis for Market Research – Occupational Therapy Private Practice

In the planning stages of starting an occupational therapy private practice or any business really, a SWOT Analysis can help you develop a good awareness of yourself as an entrepreneur, your market, and your client’s needs. What is SWOT? SWOT is an analytical framework that is used to evaluate your business’s competitive position for strategic … Read more

The Best EMRs for Occupational Therapy Practice – My Vulnerability Concerns

What is the best EMR to use for occupational therapy? What are some concerns that you should have in regards to vulnerabilities? EMR Interest and Adoption There is a growing concern for the vulnerabilities in EMR used by occupational therapy practitioners. A frequent question asked on occupational therapy groups for entrepreneurs is, “what EMR software … Read more

Do You Need General and Professional Liability Occupational Therapy Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance (Malpractice) Professional liability is a good idea if you provide occupational therapy services and regularly see clients (physically or virtually via telehealth), provide consultations, education, training (e.g., in-service ), fieldwork preceptorship. Although employees may have some form of professional liability insurance, there may be limitations and you may not be fully protected … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wix for Your Occupational Therapy Business

Did you just start an occupational therapy private practice? Having a website for your business is essential to building your brand image, establishing a “virtual storefront”, and increasing traffic for your business. You may have seen an ad or heard about websites like Wix – which makes it easy for beginners to create and design … Read more

Should You Hire a Friend? – Occupational Therapy Private Practice Business

Hire a Friend OT Private Practice

If you have a private practice in occupational therapy (or physical/speech therapy), you may need to expand and hire additional staff. Perhaps you may also need to hire another therapist, someone at the front desk, or someone for billing. Should you hire a friend that you know – someone you went to school with or … Read more