How to Get a Kiddo to Get a Haircut – Occupational Therapy Intervention

Navigating the realm of toddler haircuts unveils a sensory challenge, where the unfamiliar setting, buzzing clippers, and tactile sensations converge, often triggering resistance and anxiety; however, occupational therapy offers practical strategies—from gradual desensitization to sensory-friendly tools and the power of social learning—to transform the experience into a smoother, more positive journey for both toddlers and parents alike.

Big List of Sample Goals for ADLs in Occupational Therapy Physical Disabilities for Acute Care / SNF / Acute Rehab / Home Health

Bed Mobility and Transfers 1. The patient will independently turn side to side within the bed three times during each 8-hour shift over the next two weeks to prevent pressure ulcers and improve overall comfort and well-being. 2. The patient will independently perform a sit-to-stand transfer from the bed to a chair with minimal verbal … Read more

Stretching Contraindications for Occupational Therapy

Woman stretching right knee

Contraindications for stretching include recent fractures that are still healing, acute inflammation, active infections, tissue trauma such as hematomas, pain with joint movement, the presence of a bony block limiting joint motion, joint hypermobility, stretching leading to joint instability, or compromising an individual’s functional abilities. Learn more about why each is contraindicated for occupational therapy.

Righting vs Equilibrium vs Protective Reactions in Occupational Therapy

What are Righting vs Equilibrium vs Protective Reactions? See a comparison table and learn how to incorporate occupations into the assessment process concerning patient’s righting reactions, equilibrium reactions, and protective reactions in real-life contexts. Techniques described include breaking down occupations (activity analysis), creating simulated environments, and gathering subjective input to develop targeted interventions and enhance patient functional performance and safety.