Highest 10 Occupational Therapist Salary by State

Highest Occupational Therapy Salary by State

2020 Not yet available 2019 Top 10 Occupational Therapy Salary by State Top 5 Highest Occupational Therapy Employment Level by State Next Steps Interested in an Occupational Therapy career? Check out our introductory Online Course to gain some insight into the profession. Source: BLS Bookmark

Joe Biden Highlights the Value of Occupational Therapy 2020

Joe Biden Occupational Therapy 2020

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Wheelchair – Family & Caregiver OT Training Checklist

Wheelchair Checklist Featured

Background This post contains a list of topics to cover when providing wheelchair education to family and caregivers. This checklist is intended to be comprehensive and not every item applies to the client’s specific situation. Warning As always, follow manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for use to prevent injury and harm. Do not modify a wheelchair … Read more

Aging in Place – Lessons Learned from an Occupational Therapist

Intended Audience General Public Older Adults Family members OT Practitioners OT Students Background According to the CDC, the average life expectancy in the United States is 78 years. Interestingly, the average life expectancy of other countries such in Canada and Europe surpasses that of the US. Nonetheless, older adults are not only living longer but … Read more

Donning a Bra One-Handed Occupational Therapy

Donning Bra Featured


This Youtube video shows how you can don (put on) a bra one-handed without any help or additional assistive device.

This is a useful method for those with a shoulder injury or after a stroke and has limited use of their affected arm.

Directions for Thumb Method

  1. Hook one side of the bra strap (right side up) between your involved (weaker) thumb and index finger.
  2. Bring the bra from around your back to the other side using your stronger hand.
  3. Hook the bra together with the clasps. The bra should now be backwards.
  4. Rotate the bra so that it is facing the correct direction.
  5. Slide the bra up towards your armpit to cover your breasts.
  6. Use your stronger arm to slide the 1st strap over your weak shoulder.
  7. Finish with sliding your stronger arm through the 2nd strap.

Other Tips

  • Try different methods of putting on a bra – one-handed and two-handed.
  • Consider wearing easier and looser fitting bras (sports bras).
  • Clasping the bra together can be difficult one-handed. Consider leaving the bra hooked when you take it off (like a sports bra) to avoid having to clasp them together.
  • Bra extenders may help with tighter fitting bras.
  • A dressing stick may help if you have limited range of motion.
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Occupational Therapy Transtibial Amputation (BKA) Residual Limb Care

Featured BKA Image

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How to Float Heels with Pillows (Pressure Ulcer Prevention)

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Single Caregiver Method to Donning Adult Disposable Briefs for Dependent Patients Out of Bed

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