Driver Rehabilitation with Terri Cassidy and Naomi Folkerts — OT Dude Podcast

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We have two special guests in this special practice area episode of the podcast. Naomi Folkerts is an occupational therapy student attending Creighton University’s distance program based out of Denver, CO. Her doctoral capstone is with Health Promotion Partners, a mobile outpatient and driving rehabilitation company. This capstone is focused on developing skills in a … Read more

Mental Health, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ Care with Ricky Ramirez — OT Dude Podcast

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My special guest in this episode is Ricky Ramirez, OTD, OTR/L, an instructor at the RUSH University Department of Occupational Therapy. We discussed his published research with Latinx cancer survivors, the implications of this research, and how to provide OT to underserved populations such as the LGBTQ+ community. You will also learn about some useful … Read more

School-Based OT: Past, Present, Future…and a Conference! — OT Dude Podcast

Are you interested in school-based OT as a therapist? In this episode, Alicia Stufoso and Lisa Nye join us as we discuss how school-based OT has changed, what it is currently like, and how we may need to rethink our approach to this setting. Alicia and Lisa maintain private practices as co-owners of Careerfull LLC, an … Read more

Call for Podcast Guests to Be on the OT Dude Podcast

Hello OT Community! One of my goals for creating the podcast is to have guests on and to learn about their stories and how OT has impacted their life for the better. No matter if you are an OT student, an OT practitioner, researcher, or educator – 0 followers or a million followers, I would … Read more