Message to NBCOT Exam Prep Course Beta-Testers RE: Account Log In Issues

All non-subscription accounts were deleted from the site due to recent spam and high traffic usage which slowed down the user experience for everyone. Unfortunately, this means that as a beta-tester to the NBCOT Exam Prep course, your progress has been lost. Users were not notified because they never opted-in for e-mail notifications and I … Read more

Occupational Therapy School Personal Statement Review Service

Your personal statement is a reflection of you and your story. How will it be written? What is this? Jeffrey, a board-certified and licensed occupational therapist will help you outline, edit, and review your personal statement drafts for your occupational therapy application(s). Who is it for? Students applying for an occupational therapy graduate program – … Read more

An Exciting New Project and OT Dude Updates

Hi everyone, I am excited to announce that I will be creating an NBCOT® Exam Prep course that will be provided for free and ad-supported to occupational therapy students. As this will take a significant amount of time, research, and commitment from me, I will be devoting most of my energy to this project. So … Read more

Official Launch

June 6, 2019 OT DUDE IS BORN! I have been toying with the idea of creating a website based on my career. As an occupational therapist, there are many resources out there for new graduates, but they dwarf in comparison to other practices such as Physical Therapy or Nursing. I noticed a gap in tools … Read more