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NBCOT® Exam – Just Practice Questions!

This course features additional multiple-choice practice questions to help prepare you for the NBCOT® Exam (OTR & COTA). Q: Why is there a…

Introduction to Acute Care

A course intended for OT students going on fieldwork in acute care, new grads in acute care, or those who are just a little rusty and need a…

Introduction to Medicare for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Medicare is one of the largest and most influential payor sources in the United States. Despite this, occupational therapy practitioners can feel…

Introduction to Occupational Therapy Documentation

While not the most exciting part of occupational therapy practice, documentation is one of the most important parts of what we do as occupational…

Introduction to Safety for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Safety may seem like an intuitive thing, but as occupational therapists, one of our code of ethics is to do no harm. Learn about how to apply insights…

Stroke Recovery Resources for Patients & Caregivers

This page contains comprehensive resources intended for patients after a stroke and their caregivers. You’ll find educational videos, exercises…
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