Sara Stedy Stedy Stedy, Sara STEDY

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…Sara Stedy.

Sara Stedy Product

On another note, the Sara Stedy is a wonderful device. I have used it for toileting, bed transfers, chair transfers, shower transfers, standing balance exercises, and as simulated grab bars. They are super easy to clean and the brakes work really well. One thing I always forget is to leave enough room on the sides for clearance.

The platform swivels outwards and becomes wider than the base.

Tip: plan ahead and leave enough space because it can become tricky when you have a patient transferring or having to use the bathroom and the last thing you would want to do is have them start all over because you need to reposition the Sara Stedy.

Thank you, inventor of the Sara Stedy and for naming it Sara Stedy, I get a kick out of it every time when people say I spelled it wrong.

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