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This course is a 'beta-release' and there is ongoing development. It is incomplete and not a finished product. I decided to release it so students can begin studying right away.


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A free review course with lessons including mental health, pediatrics, adult conditions, study tips, and more!

This is an ongoing project and new lessons are added regularly to prepare you for the NBCOT® Exam.

Made for the OTR and COTA

Whether you are sitting for the OTR or COTA exam, this course will likely benefit you.

An Audio-Visual Learning Experience

OTs know that learning is best when information is provided in different formats.

Instead of just studying from a textbook, this course offers interactive lessons, videos, podcast episodes, and our popular PodQuiz – all integrated under one course.


Test your knowledge of individual lessons by taking the quizzes immediately after or later when you are ready.

New quizzes and practice questions will be added in the future.

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You have the freedom to take the course in order or if you are using another primary study guide, you can also jump around different lessons.

A Trusted Resource

OT Dude is a practicing occupational therapist and a trusted name in the occupational therapy community for free student, new grad, and practitioner resources.

I created this course from the ground up with content from the latest literature, textbooks, and study guides.

This course is 100% legal and the lessons have their in-text citations and bibliographies for you to reference the sources.

Jeff aka 'OT Dude'


What happened to the old NBCOT® Exam Prep Page?

The old OT Dude NBCOT® Exam Prep page was getting too cluttered and unorganized. It has been sunsetted and replaced by this course.

All of the old study content has been integrated into this course – quizzes, study guides, videos, podcasts/PodQuizzes, and more.

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Instead of being tied to studying from a physical textbook, you can take the course on desktop, mobile, tablet, or anywhere you have internet access.

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Study guides, courses, and materials can be expensive. Students may already have student loans, living expenses, and have to pay for the NBCOT® Exam as well. Do you really want to pay for another thing before you even become licensed as an OT or COTA?

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Thank you! I’ve been studying for my NBCOT and this is the most easy to understand definition that I’ve come across.


I wanted to say thank you for creating all your podcasts and YouTube videos. I have ADHD, so traditional study methods have never worked for me. I got the best help from using your videos and podcasts! The pod quizzes were my favorite! I have recommended your content to a couple of my classmate friends who are studying for the COTA exam right now. Thanks again!


I took the NBCOT at the end of July and I PASSED! Thank you so much for making the podcast! It was so so so helpful! I still have the movements from the SCI episode memorized.


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