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After the popular success of the NBCOT Exam Prep Course, a membership club was created to offset the costs needed to run this website and the heavy traffic that it gets on a daily basis.

This Club was launched in April 2023 and features OT articles, evidence-informed research, clinical practice guides, outcome measures, videos, CEU courses, helpful references, and much more.

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What practice area does the OT Dude Club content contain?
The content intended for generalist OT Practitioners and is divided into the three major practice areas: pediatrics, adults and geriatrics, mental health. Currently, the majority of the content is for adults and physical disabilities in acute care, inpatient rehab, outpatient, SNF, home health, and community settings.
Is your content evidence-based?
Yes – I factor evidence-based research but focus on more importantly, articles and information from all levels of research, e.g., qualitative, expert opinion, with evidence-informed practice. All content will have the sources cited in the footnotes so you can reference them.

This means less time and energy spent learning how to research and interpret articles and more time treating your patients and eating your lunch.

Will club membership benefit OTAs?
Yes! Content for members is created from a generalist OT Practitioner standpoint and is applicable for both OT and OTAs. Content that is relevant for OTAs includes treatment guides, research, and continuing education.
Approved for CEUs?
Currently, these courses are not approved for AOTA CEUs. This is planned for the future. This does not mean that the courses do not count toward CEUs in general.

Although I am not yet an official AOTA-approved provider, these CEUs are generally accepted by NBCOT and most state professional licensing boards as all of the content is directly related to the occupational therapy profession. With that said, I can never guarantee CEU acceptance because licensing requirements differ by state. CEU certifications are available for download upon passing the quizzes and completion of the *courses.

*Certain courses such as NBCOT Exam Prep do not count towards CEUs as they are intended to be taken pre-licensure.

Is there a refund policy?
If you are not satisfied with your subscription, you can cancel at any time. Feel free to contact me for a refund of the last billing cycle for monthly memberships.
Do you offer a free trial or discount for students or groups?
No trials or discounts are offered at this time. However, you can cancel at any time after signing up.
Will you sell my information to a 3rd party or spam me?
All of your information will be kept private in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your data and personal information will never be sold to any third party, ever. Aside from the Member’s E-mail Newsletter, you will not be spammed by me either. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

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Thousands of OT students and practitioners rely on OT Dude content to help them study and review for the NBCOT Board Exam, provide evidence-informed practice, and advance their practice with continuing education. One of my guest podcasts, “The Value of Acute and Postacute OT”, is featured on the OT Potential Podcast – a well-known and reputable company in the CEU OT community, as a continuing education course.

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