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Jeff from OT Dude proudly presents:
The Free NBCOT® Exam Prep Course

  • Free course with open access to the public (no registration required).
  • 200+ high-quality modules with footnotes and references.
  • Audiovisual learner? Tons of videos and podcasts with mnemonics.
  • Bored of doing multiple-choice questions? Features interactive quizzes to assess your knowledge:
    • Drag and drop matching
    • Fill in the blank
    • Sort by sequential order
    • GIF/video quizzes
    • ‘Podquizzes’ (podcast quizzes)
  • Simulated tests! – CST and MC questions WITH answer rationales and references.
  • Save your course progress, quizzes, bookmark sections, and view your ongoing report card (average NBCOT score) by joining the Club.

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