Donning a Bra One-Handed Occupational Therapy


This Youtube video shows how you can don (put on) a bra one-handed without any help or additional assistive device.

This is a useful method for those with a shoulder injury or after a stroke and has limited use of their affected arm.


  1. Hook one side of the bra strap (right side up) between your involved (weaker) thumb and index finger.
  2. Bring the bra from around your back to the other side using your stronger hand.
  3. Hook the bra together with the clasps. The bra should now be backwards.
  4. Rotate the bra so that it is facing the correct direction.
  5. Slide the bra up towards your armpit to cover your breasts.
  6. Use your stronger arm to slide the 1st strap over your weak shoulder.
  7. Finish with sliding your stronger arm through the 2nd strap.

Other Tips

  • Consider wearing easier and looser fitting bras (sports bras).
  • Clasping the bra together can be difficult one-handed. Consider leaving the bra hooked when you take it off (like a sports bra) to avoid having to clasp them together.
  • Bra extenders may help with tighter fitting bras.
  • A dressing stick may help if you have limited range of motion.
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