Apps & Software for Health, Wellness, Fitness, Productivity, Prevention, Occupational Therapy

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Free Apps

  • Calculators for Rehab by OT Dude
  • CBT-i Coach – Designed by US Department for Veterans Affairs (VA) for people engaged in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia with a health provider or who have experienced symptoms of insomnia and would like to improve their sleep habits.
  • CBT Thought Record Diary  – Analyzer your thoughts and lift your mood using this CBT-based thought diary.
  • CDC – Designed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to access health information 24/7.
  • CDC Flu – Developed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to access up-to-date information on national flu activity.
  • CDC Milestone Tracker – Designed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to track if your child’s development is on track.
  • Find Me Gluten Free – Gluten-free restaurant finder. Search your current location or a specific address. View menus, call, or get directions for each business. View others’ ratings and reviews and submit your own.
  • First Aid – American Red Cross – Expert advice for everyday emergencies. Videos, interactive quizzes, and simple step-by-step advice. Available en español.
  • Fooducate – AI Dietitian, tracker, food rating, motivation, tips. Find out what’s on your food by scanning barcode. Get personalized nutrition grade (A,B,C, or D) for each food.
  • Freeplane – Mindmapping software to quickly brainstorm ideas or create beautiful flow diagrams.
  • GoodRx – Find the cheapest prescription drug prices at local and online pharmacies.
  • Google Fit – Designed by Google to track your health and fitness goals. Features move minutes, heart points, tracking workouts from phone or watch, and monitoring of goals. Connects with your favorite apps and devices.
  • Office Ergonomics – Essential for anyone working in an office setting or anyone who works for prolonged periods at a computer.
  • Pet First Aid – Red Cross – Critical first aid info for your pet. Convenient toggle between cat and dog content. Simple step-by-step instructions guide you through everyday pet emergencies. Early warning sign checker for preventative care. Programmable veterinary contact number.
  • Pill Identifier – tool that helps you identify brand and generic drugs by name. Helps identify a medicine by its color shape and imprint.
  • Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker – reminders to take meds, tablets, pills, and contraceptives.
  • Pomodoro Timer / Focus To-Do: Use Pomodoro technique to keep track of timing with focused tasks and taking rest breaks.
  • PTSD Coach – Designed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for users with PTSD. Provides education, self-assessment, support, and tools to help manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD.
  • PulsePoint AED – Report, update, and locate AED locations for emergencies.
  • Smoke Free – Get the help you need to quit smoking and help others at the same time.
  • Stickies – Native mac OS app that is similar to office sticky notes
  • Teamviewer – Control your devices remotely from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Great for tech support with older adults.
  • VLC – Swiss army of media player apps that can play almost any video or audio format. Available for almost all platforms.
  • Waze – Real-time reports of traffic incidents, road hazards, traffic stops, police activity, and more
  • White Noise Generator – Mix sounds for relaxation, sleeping, and concentration.
  • Wunderlist – syncs your to-do list across devices, allows shared lists for families, friends, co-workers.
  • Wysa: stress, depression & anxiety therapy chatbot – free therapy chat for mindfulness, mental health, stress check & anxiety relief. AI friend that you can chat with for free. Therapy-based technique and conversation make for a very cute and calming therapy.

Mostly Free / In-app Purchase / Paid Apps

  • LastPass Password Manager – secure password manager and generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. Easily autofill password fields when called upon. Remember your master password with options to unlock with Biometrics, e.g. Fingerprint. *OT Dude Recommended*
  • Magnet – Mac OS productivity app that allows you to quickly drag a window into preset size and location, e.g. split 1/2 screen, 1/4 screen, top & bottom, etc. without creating multiple desktops. *OT Dude Recommended*
  • Scrivener – book writing software that easily outputs to digital ebook formats for publishing.
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