Habits fall within the occupational therapy framework. However, habits can be hard to change. Whether for your personal goals or for our patients, using a compensatory technique can be very helpful for shaping our habits.

Almost all of us carry a phone with us wherever we go. Using an app that shapes your habits can help you meet any goal you want.

  • Drink more water?
  • Exercise more?
  • Study more effectively?
  • Take more relaxation breaks?
  • Read a book?
  • Quit smoking?

See for yourself, type in “habit” in your phone’s app store and see what is popular.

Personally, I have had success with these Apps:

Pomodoro (category of Apps) – time keeping approach with alternating between a ‘pomodoro’ and taking gradually increased rest break to be more productive

Fabulous – a well designed and beautiful app that keeps you motivated

Habit Tracker – set your own goals and view beautiful graphs as you complete them

Habit Hub – similar to Habit Tracker

Habitca – a video game approach to reaching your goals

Or check out your phone’s native applications such as the built-in fitness Apps. Couple these apps with accessories such as fitness trackers to facilitate your success.

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to endorse any of these Apps.

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