Hep2go – Sustainable Workaround for Free Patient Home Exercise Handouts

Tired of drawing stick figures with arrows for exercise handouts?

My PT colleagues have shown me a wonderful resource – hep2go.com

It allows you to create customized exercises with user-generated images and input the number of reps/sets. It is pretty straightforward and has an easy learning curve.

The handouts are meant to be printed out and given to your patients. In an effort to cut down on paper waste, why not e-mail it to them?


  1. Create your exercise handouts on hep2go.
  2. When ready to share, bring up the print dialogue in your browser.
  3. Instead of selecting your default printer, choose PDF. Most browsers and operating systems should support this feature these days. If not, google ‘print to pdf’ + (your browser name)
  4. E-mail the saved PDF to your patient.

What is great about this approach is you start building a library of PDFs for common exercises. If you keep it well organized in a folder, you will end up saving a lot of time and can bypass hep2go if you know you have the file already on your computer.

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