MoCA Certification Requirement on 9/1/19

MoCA or Montreal Cognitive Assessment is an easy to administer screening tool for early detection of cognitive dysfunction. Conditions that the MoCA are commonly used for include Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and Stroke. Currently, any clinician, health professional, or worker can administer, score, and interpret the MocA should be trained and certified. Many practitioners may currently be using the MocA for its ease of administration, free cost, and effectiveness in screening for cognitive deficits.

As of september 1st, 2019, moca training and certification will become mandatory

Understandably, this is aimed to ensure consistency and accuracy with the MoCA results. According to, those who wish to administer the test will have one year to complete standardized training and certification through the website.

After Sep 1st 2020, access to the test will not be possible if training and certification are not completed.

“If you wish to continue using the MoCA Test without being officially trained and certified, you will be at increased risk for administration, scoring and interpretation errors which could lead to misdiagnosis and liability.”

Currently, a training and certification program is available on the official website. Cost is $125 and includes:

  • Administration and scoring tips
  • Test analysis of real cases
  • Self-test analysis

The website claims certification takes about 1 hour.

Users will have 2 months to complete the program.

Certification is valid for two years.

While I personally am a little disappointed about having to (1) spend more money on training and certification (2) spend more time taking the certification, this effort should help improve the accuracy and integrity of the tool. However, many students and practitioners (especially new grads) may see cost as a prohibitive factor in utilizing the test as frequently. I know that the speech therapists in my rehab unit utilize this tool almost daily.

What do you think about these changes? Spread the word about this update!