Donning/Doffing Rolyan Hemi Arm Sling Instructions (With Help and Independently)

Rolyan Hemi-Arm Sling Instructions


Donning With Help





1. Open hook-and-loop closures on arm cuff and chest strap (strap that is not attached to Oring). Adjust the three remaining straps to their longest length.

2. With loose chest strap toward front of body and O-ring toward back, put unaffected arm through loop that has plastic strap protector and pull strap protector into underarm area (A).

3. Bring arm cuff across back and place over distal aspect of biceps (B). Secure hook-andloop closure. The O-ring should not be centered on back—it should lie toward unaffected arm (C).

4. Adjust length of strap around unaffected shoulder so strap is snug.

5. Fasten chest strap (D).

6. Adjust posterior strap and strap across clavicle to provide desired positioning of humerus.

7. After strap length and arm cuff circumference are determined, mark straps and cuff to indicate proper length for future application

Donning Independently

With hook-and-loop closure on chest strap open, secure three remaining straps and arm cuff at marked levels. Put arm cuff into position on affected arm. Make sure straps are untangled and hanging forward.

Put loop with plastic strap protector around unaffected arm and slide over shoulder

Hold O-ring ring and pull strap assembly over head

Secure chest strap through D-ring to previously marked length.


Doffing Independently

Unfasten chest strap and arm cuff. Bring arm cuff and strap assembly behind back and off unaffected arm

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