Occupational Therapy Practitioner Salary Survey – New Features

Many new improvements have been made to the OT practitioner Salary Survey on this website.

  • The data has been cleaned up to be more visually friendly, e.g., cities and states are formatted properly.
  • Country now has its own column for international OTPs. Those who wish to enter their salary outside of the US can also do so 🙂
  • A very important and new question was added to ask if you are part of a union.
  • Users now have an optional free entry box to input additional notes that can be viewed when clicked on for other important information. In order to make the survey short and not take up too much time, users can optionally add anything they think may be helpful. Examples include:
    • Company name?
    • Suburban/City location?
    • Union name? How long you’ve been unionized?
    • Benefits? e.g., Dental, Vision, Medical, PTO, 401K
    • W2 or 1099?
    • How long have you been paid at this rate? e.g., 2 years.
    • Specializations or Certs?
    • Caseload / Productivity? e.g., 85% productivity.
    • How many OTs and OTAs work there?
    • Client or Patient population or conditions?
    • Schedule? Work-life balance?
    • Job Satisfaction?
    • Did you negotiate the salary?
    • What % or $ increase from your last rate?
  • Less important information is hidden from the main table but viewable when you click on a specific entry, e.g., country, union, raise, additional notes to be more mobile and tablet friendly (less columns).

And last, if you haven’t already or if you just got a new job and a raise, please take a few moments to answer the OT/OTA salary survey.