Plastic Bag Trick for Compression Stockings – Occupational Therapy

Compression stockings can very helpful for people with lymphedema in their legs. Putting on compression stockings by yourself, for a family member, or patient can be challenging. Even for an experienced person, putting on compression stockings requires a lot of flexibility, coordination, fine motor control and strength, and patience. Over time, this can lead to decreased motivation to continue wearing compression stockings. This video demonstrates a much easier way to put compression stocks using commonly found plastic bags around the house.

Additional tips:

Consider your positioning for easier reach and comfort.

If you are putting a compression stocking on for yourself, consider elevating your feet on a footstool or by sitting on the edge of a bed.

If you are helping someone put on compression stockings, have them sit across from you with their feet on your lap. This is much easier than kneeling down on the ground to them someone and also give you better leverage to pull the compression stockings on.

After showers, wet feet can make it difficult to put on compression stockings. Ensure that feet are properly dried prior to putting on compression stockings.

Baby powder or other types of power can help with putting on compression stockings.

If you do not have a plastic bag handy, you can still put on compression stockings by inverting the top part of the sock down to the ankles.

Stretch the stretch out as you put them on.

Remember to smooth out all the wrinkles when finished!