Preliminary Data for Pilot Study – Occupational Therapists Living with Chronic Disabilities – An Online Quantitative & Qualitative Survey

I decided to post the raw results from my 6 participants as this is a small sample size and not too overwhelming to read.

This data comes from a survey I posted calling for participants who experienced a disability (mental or physical) in the field of occupational therapy. It asked questions about basic demographic information, the student experience, symptoms, management, burnout, and more.

These results provide an insight into how occupational therapists have been impacted by such conditions and how they cope with them in their daily lives.

It gives someone like me who is going through a spinal cord injury and healing who faces daily internal mental health struggles and physical limitations hope for the future.

Due to my own personal life, I may not have the time to code and analyze this information the way I’d hope to in the traditional research sense. I may write a follow-up discussion, but you can gain a lot of insight from just reading this raw data.

Thank you to those who volunteered and participated in this study.

Severity scale is from 1 (least severe) to 5 (most severe):