Rule of 8’s Calculator for Productivity

The rule of 8’s can be tricky to learn for new occupational therapy practitioners. In some facilities, it takes 15 minutes minimum for a patient to be seen to generate 1 unit. Then there’s some events like evaluations that generate a specific amount of units, e.g., 3 per evaluation.

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While you can figure out how many minutes are for 1, 2, 3, 4 units etc. or calculate it by hand, it can be a lot of math if you are trying to get an idea of how you are doing for productivity for the day.

I like to know how I am doing as the day progresses so I can pace myself in the afternoons and plan dynamically as things happen, e.g., patient refusals, patients getting discharged, new admits requiring evaluations, etc. To make my life (and your life) easier, I made a free calculator that can calculate productivity for up to 10 patients.

Just enter how many minutes each patient was seen. You can do it all at once or log it throughout the day as it occurs. There are probably Apps available for download, but I wanted to make a download-free, browser-free version that works on desktop, tablet, and mobile. The data should be saved locally on your own device (it is not stored on our servers for privacy reasons) as long as you leave the browser tab open. If your data is not getting saved for the day, unfortunately, we don’t have a login/save feature planned as the website’s privacy policy states that we do not save your data for HIPAA reasons. A workaround may be you can enter in the minutes in a notepad app and transcribe it over or to write it down on a piece of paper, e.g. on your daily schedule patient printout next to the patient’s names. Click reset to clear the data and start all over.

If you need to see more than 10 patients, you can just sum up the first 10, take note of how many units they all are, and reset the calculator to have 10 more. I’m thinking about adding a field for each patient for you to enter their initials, but not sure how useful that will be or if it will make the screen too cluttered. Let me know what you think.

Hope you all find this handy. Good luck!

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