Yet Another Calculator – FIM/CARE Showers in Acute Rehab

If you work in acute rehab, you probably frequently assist patients with showers. Showers is part of the scoring for the CARE Item Set. Scoring showers can be tricky – there are up to 10 body parts to keep track of and the level of assistance provided for each. All of that hard then gets calculated and converted to a CARE Item Set Score. Thankfully, the math is usually not too bad as it’s fractions of 10, so 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, etc.

Check out the calculator here.

However, if some body parts are not applicable, e.g., amputation, the fractions get trickier (you decrease the denominator by how many body parts were not applicable). So to make your life easier, I created a FIM/CARE Shower Calculator. You input an entry for each body part: Independent, Assistance Needed, or N/A. N/A will re-adjust and decrease the numator by a quantity of 1 from 10 for each body part. After inputting all the body parts, you get a % for the level of assistance. The calculator then interprets this as a final CARE Item Set Score for showers.

This calculator can still be used for scoring FIM showers, you’ll just have to interpret the percentage yourself from the assistance provided. I didn’t want to make this calculator too cluttered and with FIM being phased out anyways, this shouldn’t be a problem for most.

Hope you all find this handy, especially therapists who float to ARU once in a while and don’t really do CARE Item Set charting often.

Check out the calculator here.