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Episode Archive

Driver Rehabilitation with Terri Cassidy and Naomi Folkerts — OT Dude Podcast

We have two special guests in this special practice area episode of the podcast. Naomi Folkerts is…

Motherhood, Autoimmune Disease, and Balancing Life as a Student with Kelsey Cathcart — OT Dude Podcast

In this episode, Kelsey shares her story about how she balanced life and overcame her obstacles with…

Mental Health, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ Care with Ricky Ramirez — OT Dude Podcast

My special guest in this episode is Ricky Ramirez, OTD, OTR/L, an instructor at the RUSH University…

School-Based OT: Past, Present, Future…and a Conference! — OT Dude Podcast

Are you interested in school-based OT as a therapist? In this episode, Alicia Stufoso and Lisa Nye…

OT Overseas and Dance as Therapy with Nasia Philippou — OT Dude Podcast

In this episode, we learn about what OT is like in the UK and discuss dance as therapy, social media…

Being a Male OT, Self as Therapy, and Managing Burnout with Curtis Handy — OT Dude Podcast

In this episode, I speak with Curtis, an OT student who has an extensive background working in…
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