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Advocacy for the Profession with AmplifyOT: Episode 12 – OT Dude Podcast

https://youtu.be/iWjenzkRCO4 Watch the video version on our YouTube channel! We all know that we should advocate for the profession, but what does advocacy really mean?...
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Reflecting on Learning: Episode 11 – OT Dude Podcast

In this episode, I reflect on my childhood and compare it to my growing baby. How was learning like for me growing up in...
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Community – Can It Be Bad: Episode 10 – OT Dude Podcast

Community, or CommunOT. We all know what community is. Are you part of some communities, real or virtual. How are they affecting your life...
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Psychosocial Pharmacology for Depression: PodQuiz Episode 9 – OT Dude Podcast

Review some psychosocial pharmacology with the major drug classes. Quiz yourself with side effects, neurotransmitters, class type, and more. Use this to help study...
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Spinal Cord Injury Levels: PodQuiz Episode 8 – OT Dude Podcast

Quiz your knowledge of spinal cord injuries and muscle function for the body. Additional quiz questions test your knowledge of ADLs and notable SCI...
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Pediatric Movement and Fine-Motor Milestones: PodQuiz Episode 7 – OT Dude Podcast

Welcome to another podquiz episode. This topic is often very challenging for students to learn, so it's a good one to listen to. Episode...
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Play Theories and Play Patterns: PodQuiz Episode 6 – OT Dude Podcast

This PodQuiz episode is all about play. Quiz questions will include concepts of play, play types, and play theories. Don’t forget we have a...
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Pediatric Developmental Theories: PodQuiz Episode 5 – OT Dude Podcast

This PodQuiz episode will quiz your knowledge of pediatric developmental theories mentioned in our two-part YouTube series. Theories and theorists include Piaget, Vygotsky, Maslow's...
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Levels of Assistance: PodQuiz Episode 4 – OT Dude Podcast

In this first PodQuiz episode, we test your knowledge of the levels of assistance in acute care and acute rehab. Other related questions include...
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Visual-Perceptual Hierarchy: Episode 3 – OT Dude Podcast

Occupational therapists may work with clients who have visual-perceptual deficits. The visual-perceptual hierarchy pyramid can help to intuitively explain our vision and perception from...
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Cranial Nerves: Episode 2 – OT Dude Podcast

Learn and review the 12 cranial nerves with OTDUDE. Let's discuss their function, dysfunction, whether they are motor, sensory, or both. In addition to...
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What is Occupational Therapy: Episode 1 – OT Dude Podcast

In this first episode of the OTDUDE Podcast, we learn about what the profession of Occupational Therapy is and what Occupational Therapists do. Spread...


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