Call for Podcast Guests to Be on the OT Dude Podcast

Hello OT Community!

One of my goals for creating the podcast is to have guests on and to learn about their stories and how OT has impacted their life for the better.

No matter if you are an OT student, an OT practitioner, researcher, or educator – 0 followers or a million followers, I would be interested in learning about you! The ups and the downs and everything in between.

Patients and the general public are welcome on as well – I’d love to hear your story about how a condition, illness, or disability has impacted you.

Any discussion topic is a game as long as it is relevant to healthcare and wellness. My hope is to educate, inspire, uplift, and connect with others, and the audience – to build a community through this continually evolving medium that is podcasts and video podcasts.

To get started, simply fill out the podcast guest request form so that I can learn more about you and what you are interested in discussing. Takes a few minutes to fill out, but I encourage you to be as detailed as possible so that I can get a good sense of the direction or focus for our recording.

Thanks for your interest!

-> Fill Out the OT Dude Podcast Guest Request Form Here