Virtual Occupational Therapy Shadowing During the Pandemic COVID-19

Hey Pre-OT Students, I wanted to share a cool resource for those who are looking for the required occupational therapy shadowing hours when applying for an occupational therapy program.

With the pandemic and COVID-19, many facilities have either temporarily closed or significantly limited the number of students they are allowing to shadow under an occupational therapist.

Fortunately, some resourceful people created a website for students applying to healthcare shadow virtually and gain credit for it. This website is called Pre-Health Shadowing and it is 100% legit. They have speakers from many healthcare professions from doctors to veterinarians to, of course, occupational therapists.

All you have to do is register, sign up for a session (on Zoom), attend, and get credit for participation. The sessions run for about an hour each. What is really valuable is you have the opportunity to ask questions from an occupational therapist at the end.

Check it out.

I wish you all good luck!

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