DME & A/E (Durable Medical Equipment & Adaptive Equipment)

DME Guide & Tips

  1. Check the weight capacities of equipment.
  2. Although you may feel the urge to ‘OT something’, do NOT alter DME, as you may compromise the integrity and safety of the device, e.g. drilling holes into walkers.
  3. Some equipment may require assembly (patients may require additional assistance)
  4. Besides purchasing, other options include: borrowing, thrift shops, second hand
  5. Most insurances including Medicare do not cover most of these DME.
  6. Eval/Interview: are patient’s using unsafe DME? e.g., suction cup grab bars, low weight capacities, old equipment that requires servicing, grab bars not anchored to studs
  7. Consider environmental restrictions (door jams, small spaces, clutter, etc.)
    • Often, renters have more restrictions than homeowners, considerations include ADA, Fair Housing Act, Lease agreement, etc.
    • Can it be placed somewhere else, e.g. bedside instead of bathroom?
    • Consider the 1st floor instead of 2nd
    • Can another room be used instead?
    • Can items be removed?
    • Can doors be removed?
  8. Always read and follow manufacturer’s safety and installation instructions.

DME & A/E Index

Kits (Usually more economical, easier for patients buy what’s necessary)

  1. Hip Replacement Kits


  1. Walker Tray with Cup Holder
  2. Plate Guard
  3. Weighted Utensils


  1. Front Wheel Walker (FWW)
  2. Platform for Front Wheel Walker (PFWW)
  3. 4 Wheel Walker (4WW)
  4. Wide Base Quad Cane (WBQC)
  5. Small Base Quad Cane (SBQC)
  6. Single Point Cane (SPC)
  7. Walker Basket with Cup Holder
  8. Walker Tote Bag
  9. Walker Tennis Balls

Bariatric Mobility

  1. Bariatric FWW
  2. Bariatric 4WW

Shower Chairs & Benches

  1. Shower Chair
  2. Shower Bench
  3. Bariatric Shower Chair
  4. Bariatric Shower Bench

Bed/Chair/Couch Mobility

  1. Bed Assist Rail / Handle
  2. Leg Lifter
  3. Couch Assist Rail / Handle

Car / Driving

  1. Handy Bar


  1. 3-in-1 Commode
  2. Bariatric Commode
  3. Raised Toilet Seat with Handle Bars
  4. Toilet Handle Bars
  5. Toilet Aids / Buddies


  1. Rocker Knife
  2. One-handed Cutting Board
  3. One-handed Jar Opener

General Purpose

  1. Dycem
  2. Build-up Foam
  3. Reachers
  4. Shoe Horns

DME & A/E Kits

Hip Replacement Kits

Although these are made for ‘hip replacements’, they contain commonly used adaptive equipment that can be recommended to most patients.

Hip Replacement Kit (5 items)

Hip Replacement Kit (7 items)


Walker Tray with Cup Holder

Plate Guard

Weighted Utensils


Front Wheel Walker

Platform for Front Wheel Walker (PFWW)

4 Wheel Walker

Wide Base Quad Cane (WBQC)

Small Base Quad Cane (SBQC)

Single Point Cane (SPC)

Walker Basket with Cup Holder

Walker Tote Bag

Walker Tennis Balls

Bariatric Mobility

Bariatric FWW

Bariatric 4WW

Shower Chair & Bench

Shower Chair

Shower Bench

Bariatric Shower Chair

Bariatric Shower Bench

Bed Mobility

Bed Assist Rail / Handle

Leg Lifter

Couch Assist Rail / Handle

Car / Driving

Handy Bar


3-in-1 Commode

Bariatric Commode

Raised toilet seat with handle bars

Toilet Safety Bars

Toilet Aids / Buddies


Rocker Knife

One-handed Cutting Board

One-handed Jar Opener

General Purpose


Build-up Foam


Shoe Horns