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I was not paid or compensated to write this review. I decided to review this product on my own without any external influence.

UpDoc: Health Diary claims to be a “your all in one health diary on your mobile phone”. It a free app that is available on IOS and Android. OTs can introduce this app to clients experiencing an acute or chronic condition. The client I introduced Updoc to had GBS and was experiencing different levels of fatigue every day. We were also interested in tracking their sleep quality.

Updoc screenshot app review

Set-Up and Registration

The sign-up process is pretty standard and straight-forward, but does require you to enter some of your information, but once you’re set up, you’ll see a familiar interface if you’ve used a calendar app before. The HOME tab is like a feed and shows your most recent entries based on date, time, symptom type, intensity, and any notes you may have added. The CALENDAR tab helps you keep track of when you inputted entires or when you may have missed some. The PROGRESS tab shows a graph of your, well, progress. This is the best feature of this app and is a great way to visualize certain entries such as the progression of pain or resolution of symptoms. Progress can be viewed by day, month and year. Clicking on the setting button allows you to switch between the graphs of your entries. It is a bit cumbersome here to change between entries as you have to dig into an extra menu, switch the entry type, what to graph, and then display it. While this is very powerful and allows you to see different metrics including intensity, duration, occurrences, dosage, and more, it is not as user-friendly. I wish they integrated a way to easily switch between these specific views for commonly or recently used ones, but it gets the job done.

Add your Entries

At any time, you can tap the + button to add a new entry. One great thing is the types of categories that are included: symptom, measurement, medication, examination, nutrition, activity, and journal. Examples are: cough, anxiety, diarrhea, difficulty walking (for all you PTs), dizziness, blood pressure, and weight. There’s way more to list. I was surprised to see medications here. I was expecting to see a big list of medications, but it only has about 20 medications. Users can add their own medication regime though. If you are not finding what you are looking for, there is a create feature. There is a create button that allows you to add exactly what you want. You can theoretically create an entry for anything you want such as your rare medication. Updoc can therefore act as a med tracking app that allows you to easily enter the current time you took a medication AND see it on a graph. Updoc is not a medication reminder app. So don’t expect it to notify you to take a medication at a specific time. However, this can be easily done with your phone’s alarm app anyways.

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Export and Share

What can you do with all this data? There is an Export to PDF feature, but this is limited to I believe 50 entries. The Pro version allows you to export to CSV format as well. You can then share your data with your doctor if you wish.

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Privacy and Security

Regarding privacy, the App’s homepage did not have any Privacy Policy links. In the About section of the App itself, there are Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links. I wish they included this on the website. Information that they collect includes your name, email address, postal address, credit card information and other contact or identifying information you provide. Your database is “managed entirely by you”. What gets uploaded to the cloud are photos you may upload according to their Privacy Policy, but a response to a user review suggests that all data is saved in the cloud. I would be especially cautious of uploading any photos with this app. Furthermore, the PDF export function temporarily uses a third party server to “generate a PDF export of your health records and is immediately deleted from their servers”. While this may be true, use the Export to PDF feature at your own discretion. They seem to take security seriously and claim that data security is “guaranteed by Google, being the 3rd party host”. They also make a claim that “there is no way for someone else to access your personal data, unless they have your password”. There is no such thing as absolutes with technology. Breaches are not uncommon or impossible. So overall, share and input what you are comfortable with if it may get compromised. Remember that your PDF is a public document that can be viewed by and forwarded by anyone unless it is deleted. Also, this app does not explicitly share your identifying information with a third party and the data they do collect is more for usage and app improvement.

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