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Salary Database

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DateOT/OTADegreeYrs ExperienceCityStateCountrySettingWork TypeHours/WeekHourly Rate ($)Annual Income/Salary ($)Unionized?Raise Before?Additional Notes
05/18/23OTMaster's1Santa RosaCAUnited StatesInpatientFull Time4052108160Yes
05/19/23OTMaster'sLess than 1CordeleGAUnited StatesOutpatientFull Time403975000N/A
05/24/23OTAAssociate'sLess than 1MiamiFLUnited StatesALFFull Time402649920N/A
05/26/23OTMaster's10+Los AngelesCAUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time404998000Yes
06/01/23OTAAssociate's10+LedyardCTUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time4024.549000Yes
06/02/23OTDoctorate'sLess than 1HoustonTXUnited StatesSNFFull Time404595000No
06/02/23OTMaster's1New York City NYUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time356074000No
06/02/23OTDoctorate'sLess than 1Twin citiesMNUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time393773000No
06/05/23OTMaster's7San DiegoCAUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time4053.5102720Yes
06/05/23OTMaster'sLess than 1Arroyo GrandeCAUnited StatesInpatientFull Time424590000No
06/06/23OTMaster's4ConcordNCUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time37.530.6766500Yes
06/07/23OTAAssociate's10+Oklahoma OKUnited StatesOther (Not Listed)Full Time404586400Yes
06/07/23OTDoctorate's4WatertownNYUnited StatesPediatricsSalary403778000No
06/07/23OTDoctorate'sLess than 1East MeadowNYUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time303056000No
06/09/23OTABachelor's8EastonPAUnited StatesSchool SystemContract353244800Yes
06/11/23OTBachelor's1CuttackOutside USAIndiaMental HealthFull Time481.525092No
06/12/23OTMaster's6MaloneNYUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time353657000No
06/14/23OTMaster'sLess than 1TulsaOKUnited StatesAcuteFull Time4038.774304No
06/16/23OTMaster'sLess than 1AnaheimCAUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time4054.1386600Yes
06/18/23OTDoctorate'sLess than 1DaytonOHUnited StatesInpatientFull Time403981000N/A
06/18/23OTABachelor's4NashvilleTNUnited StatesInpatientFull Time3225.2341983Yes
06/19/23OTMaster's7San DiegoCAUnited StatesOther (Not Listed)Full Time4045.6795000N/A
06/20/23OTMaster's6OaklandCAUnited StatesSNFFull Time4063130000No
06/20/23OTMaster'sLess than 1MorgantownWVUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time403062400No
06/21/23OTMaster'sLess than 1ElmhurstILUnited StatesSNFPart Time253646800No
06/22/23OTMaster'sLess than 1CorbinKYUnited StatesPediatricsPer visit404065000No
06/24/23OTDoctorate'sLess than 1Fort LauderdaleFLUnited StatesAcuteFull Time403368640N/A
06/25/23OTBachelor's3SAOutside USASaudi ArabiaMental HealthFull Time40145.21334851.2YesYes
06/26/23OTBachelor's4NelspruitOutside USASouth AfricaInpatientFull Time501013503NoYesI couldn't put my actual hourly rate of $5 as the algorithm wouldn't allow me too. I'm mortified that when converted to dollars I earn less than minimum wage. WTF!
06/27/23OTDoctorate's2IndianapolisINUnited StatesInpatientPart Time3231.7552832NoYesSub, all benefit (401K match 100% of 6%), yearly raises (3%), 75% productivity, 3 OTs, heart patients
06/27/23OTMaster's9OaklandCAUnited StatesHome HealthSalary4074.39155000YesYes
06/28/23OTDoctorate's1TampaFLUnited StatesHand TherapyFull Time4038.2279500NoNoFull benefits, not amazing
06/29/23OTAAssociate'sLess than 1LouisvilleKYUnited StatesInpatientFull Time4025.2752561NoNoNew graduate working for Norton Healthcare, hourly pay is the same as another COTA I've spoken with working for the same company.
07/02/23OTMaster'sLess than 1San JoseCAUnited StatesSNFFull Time4050104000NoNoLinks Healthcare SNF. Basic benefits (medical, dental). 1 week PTO in 1st year. No 401K contribution (match) from employer. 85% productivity. Asked for $54/hour, was offered $50. New graduate.
07/02/23OTMaster's2RaleighNCUnited StatesHome HealthPer visit4044.2399000NoYes
07/13/23OTPhD5CorkOutside USAIreland {Republic}Mental HealthSalary353767000YesN/A
07/17/23OTDoctorate's10+San FranciscoCAUnited StatesSNFPRN (per-diem)4070145600NoYes
07/22/23OTMaster'sLess than 1ColumbiaMOUnited StatesSNFFull Time403674880NoNo
07/22/23OTMaster'sLess than 1NatchitochesLAUnited StatesLTCFull Time404695680NoNoUrban, split full-time between two buildings (~1 hour apart), 6.01 PTO hours per pay period (based on hours worked), W2, they don't match 401K, in-house therapy, previously a COTA for 5+ years, they took my years of COTA experience into consideration, yes I negotiated my salary, 85% productivity, flexible schedule
07/22/23OTABachelor's5NatchitochesLAUnited StatesSNFFull Time3536.5663430NoYesRural, didn't match 401K, good PTO, flexible schedule, annual performance review with a potential of 2% raise, 90% productivity, no negotiation
07/29/23OTBachelor's1JerusalemOutside USAIsraelEarly InterventionPart Time301024300NoNo
08/03/23OTMaster's6Santa RosaCAUnited StatesInpatientFull Time3263131000YesYes
08/11/23OTAAssociate's7TampaCAUnited StatesSNFPRN (per-diem)203555000NoN/AFlat rate for all PRN. Was full-time then transitioned to PRN
08/11/23OTMaster'sLess than 1GreenvilleSCUnited StatesInpatientSalary4035.6271240NoN/AAcute Care (all floors); did not negotiate salary
08/15/23OTMaster's7ElkhornWIUnited StatesInpatientFull Time4037.577800NoYesRural, Small hospital, large system
08/17/23OTMaster's9Berrien SpringsMIUnited StatesPediatricsPart Time216065000NoNo
08/18/23OTMaster's2Laguna HillsCAUnited StatesALFFull Time3348.582000NoNo
08/22/23OTMaster's2ChicagoILUnited StatesInpatientFull Time403876000NoYes
08/23/23OTMaster'sLess than 1TulsaOKUnited StatesInpatientFull Time403879040YesNo
08/25/23OTABachelor'sLess than 1HoustonTXUnited StatesSNFFull Time302850000NoN/A
08/29/23OTBachelor's10+BuffaloNYUnited StatesOther (Not Listed)Full Time4038.780400NoYesPACE program, 1 raise in 8 years, only OT for 135 pts
09/04/23OTABachelor's1HuntsvilleTXUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time3632.5861000NoNo
09/17/23OTDoctorate'sLess than 1PhoenixAZUnited StatesSNFFull Time404287000NoN/A
09/20/23OTAAssociate's2WhitestoneNYUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time353565000NoYes
09/26/23OTAAssociate'sLess than 1ShreveportLAUnited StatesSNFFull Time402654080NoNoProductivity 95%
09/26/23OTMaster'sLess than 1San AntonioTXUnited StatesInpatientFull Time4033.6770033NoNo
09/26/23OTMaster's10+Virginia BeachVAUnited StatesSNFFull Time4045.7595000NoYes
10/05/23OTMaster'sLess than 1WestchesterNYUnited StatesSNFFull Time37.54082300NoN/A
10/09/23OTMaster's6BradentonFLUnited StatesHome HealthFull Time404288000NoYesBradenton
10/11/23OTABachelor's2LincolnNEUnited StatesSNFFull Time302756160NoNo
10/24/23OTMaster's4MiddletownDEUnited StatesOutpatientFull Time324578000NoYesHome-based outpatient, geriatric, in-home and ALF
10/26/23OTMaster's1Bergen CountyNJUnited StatesOutpatientFull Time4043.891125YesNohospital based outpatient setting, and inpatient unit referrals
10/31/23OTMaster's2MinneapolisMNUnited StatesMental HealthSalary403879000NoN/A
11/05/23OTMaster's10+PhiladelphiaPAUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time3552.8571300YesYesPSEA union, full benefits (first 3 years no premiums), rate is negotiated by the union and there are incremental increases over the next 3 years. 10-15 OTs in EI/School Age, salary is based upon an education/years of experience ladder.
12/03/23OTABachelor's7AnchorageAKUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time403265000NoYesAll For Kids Pediatrics, Anchorage, AK; Medical, dental, accrued PTO, 401K with 5% match, W2 employee, yearly raise between 3-5%, sign on bonus with each contract ranges from $2500-10000, 33 client hours per week-remaining is paperwork and/or CEU, 9 OTP's. outpatient pediatrics with wide range of dx's, fair work life balance, significant amount of treatment resources and always expanding, very ethical company, yearly Christmas bonus that is ~5% of total income for year.
12/09/23OTAAssociate's10+NorfolkVAUnited StatesHome HealthFull Time403572800NoNo
12/25/23OTMaster's5Rocky MountNCUnited StatesOutpatientFull Time4042.588400NoN/A10k sign on bonus
12/27/23OTMaster's2CaryNCUnited StatesOther (Not Listed)Full Time4037.7478500NoNoABA setting
12/28/23OTMaster'sLess than 1DonnaTXUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time303757720NoNoI undervalued myself and let them talk me into accepting this position for one dollar less than the posted hourly rate. Benefits kick in after ninety days and you forfeit any PTO when you resign.
12/28/23OTDoctorate'sLess than 1WacoTXUnited StatesInpatientFull Time404083000NoNo
01/02/24OTMaster'sLess than 1OrlandoFLUnited StatesInpatientFull Time4037.3177605NoN/A
01/04/24OTMaster's10+Santa Cruz CountyCAUnited StatesPediatricsPart Time3454107YesYesSmall City, SEIU, Full Benefits + CalPers pension, includes Bilingual pay, Public Health Neuro Peds, steady increases due to Union. W2. Schools pay 4 to 10$ more per hour for same level of experience in this area.
01/08/24OTMaster'sLess than 1Winston SalemNCUnited StatesInpatientFull Time4035.173000NoN/A
01/09/24OTMaster'sLess than 1Green BayWIUnited StatesInpatientFull Time3232.9954895NoN/A
01/09/24OTMaster'sLess than 1Winston SalemNCUnited StatesInpatientSalary4036.1572300NoN/Anew grad; salary plus relocation package plus sign of bonus (7k)
01/10/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1ChicagoILUnited StatesPediatricsPer visit247050000NoNoPrivate outpatient OT but embedded in a school setting; I can make my own hours; no benefits
01/12/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1Palm Beach GardensFLUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time37.51065000NoN/A
01/13/24OTMaster'sLess than 1AshburnVAUnited StatesHand TherapySalary4037.578000NoNoSelectPT, full benefits - Dental, Vision, Medical, PTO, 401K, good mentorship, CEU, did not negotiate salary
01/18/24OTMaster'sLess than 1PhiladelphiaPAUnited StatesHome HealthFull Time403573000NoN/A
01/19/24OTMaster's4ManhattanNYUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time3550.33100100NoYesNYU Langone
01/22/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1LaytonUTUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time4034.6272000NoN/A
01/23/24OTMaster's3WilmingtonDEUnited StatesSNFFull Time4041.3385966NoYes2-3% raise annually
01/23/24OTBachelor's10+YonkersNYUnited StatesHome HealthFull Time3053.613200NoYesW2, no deductions, no health benefits, PTO of 6 weeks
01/25/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1AvonOHUnited StatesInpatientSalary4035.9469014NoNo
01/26/24OTDoctorate's1AustinTXUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time3935.572000NoNoSuburb setting, 3 weeks PTO, 401K match, health insurance stipend, W2, outpatient peds
01/29/24OTMaster's10+CarrollIAUnited StatesOther (Not Listed)Full Time4046.2996280NoYes
02/01/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1NashvilleTNUnited StatesHand TherapyFull Time4033.1769000NoN/A
02/05/24OTMaster's3AustinTXUnited StatesSchool SystemContract37.54564000NoNoW2, started at this position this year, large OT team (great support), no productivity, caseload approx. 45 students, did not really negotiate but I plan to for this upcoming year (bilingual, flexibility as demonstrated during this school year, drive time/mileage, etc), no specializations but this is my 2nd year working in a school
02/14/24OTDoctorate's4Los AngelesCAUnited StatesInpatientPRN (per-diem)3258.894080NoNoAcute oncology, no benefits as PRN
02/16/24OTDoctorate's6CincinnatiOHUnited StatesMental HealthFull Time4040.4684000YesYesState Facility, Benefits, step-wise increases
02/19/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1SartellMNUnited StatesOutpatientFull Time3836.4472000NoN/ANegotiated salary (increased 2000 from initial offer), cost for CEUs covered, loads of in-house specialization and certifications, working towards pelvic health and CHT certifications, negotiated 4 day work week
02/21/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1PortlandORUnited StatesSNFPRN (per-diem)105528600NoNoHired at Infinity Rehab at $55 without negotiating. High hourly rate, but hours and location of jobs are inconsistent. I could be asked to travel to several different SNF sites--even in a single day.
02/22/24OTMaster's2Mountain ViewCAUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time4042.388000NoYesWork during school days (180 days), get paid salary
02/28/24OTMaster'sLess than 1CharlotteNCUnited StatesInpatientFull Time4038.980912NoNoMon-Fri with Atrium Health, no productivity requirements. Acute Care setting. 1 hour from center of Charlotte.
03/02/24OTMaster's1GreenvilleSCUnited StatesPediatricsContract304055000NoNo
03/04/24OTMaster's7PortlandORUnited StatesClinicFull Time4045.5794700NoYes
03/06/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1ConradMTUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time4028.3759900NoNoDid not negotiate salary based on following the principles of a a school's pay salary. There is a salary increase every year.
03/07/24OTAAssociate's8HuntersvilleNCUnited StatesPediatricsFull Time3326.9256000NoYes
03/12/24OTMaster'sLess than 1DanvilleVAUnited StatesMental HealthFull Time404274970NoN/A37 days off a week, health insurance, 30k in benefits
03/17/24OTABachelor's10+HiloHIUnited StatesSNFFull Time353674880NoYes
03/19/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1ClearwaterFLUnited StatesHand TherapyPRN (per-diem)164032000NoN/APRN position, this only requires me to work at least once a month here. I don't have a set schedule each week. No benefits like full-time jobs.
04/03/24OTMaster's1W PNYUnited StatesHand TherapyFull Time507075000YesN/AStretch labs
04/04/24OTMaster's2New YorkNYUnited StatesHand TherapySalary4047.799126NoYesCity - Outpatient Hospital, cost of living raises
04/08/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1Yuba CityCAUnited StatesSNFContract4062.5110000NoNo
04/25/24OTBachelor's4HastingsOutside USAUnited KingdomEarly InterventionFull Time37.522.6144215.23YesNo
04/26/24OTDoctorate's2Spruce PineNCUnited StatesSNFFull Time404899000NoYesBroad River Rehabilitation
04/29/24OTBachelor's10+AndoverKSUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time4033.6570000NoN/A
05/02/24OTAAssociate'sLess than 1Saint LouisMOUnited StatesInpatientPRN (per-diem)203533600NoNo
05/07/24OTMaster's2MorgantownWVUnited StatesInpatientFull Time3634.0663764NoYesCompany is WVU Medicine. I provided my pay rates based on actual take home, not gross. I do have dental, medical, and 401k matching coming out of my gross. My productivity is 10 each day. I was unable to negotiate as a new grad and was given the base. The entire hospital staff gets a raise dependent on how the hospital system does that year, my first year was 4% and this past year was 3%. Currently no increased compensation for certifications or elevated job performance/professional development.
05/08/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1TulsaOKUnited StatesOther (Not Listed)Full Time4037.9879000NoNoNegotiated salary, W2, HMC, Acute
05/08/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1OwassoOKUnited StatesPediatricsPRN (per-diem)105428000NoNoPoor job satisfaction, very high turnover
05/08/24OTDoctorate's1SpringfieldMOUnited StatesEarly InterventionPRN (per-diem)104523400NoN/AW2, good job satisfaction/management, no pay raises for PRN - flat rate
05/08/24OTDoctorate's1ClaremoreOKUnited StatesSchool SystemFull Time3241.2559400NoNoElevate Pediatric Therapies, W2, poor to fair job satisfaction, negotiated salary
05/08/24OTMaster'sLess than 1LibertyNYUnited StatesSchool SystemSalary374078000NoNo
05/14/24OTMaster's7GreenvilleSCUnited StatesInpatientPart Time3241.8971180NoYesAcute care setting. Full benefits. No current merit raises.
05/21/24OTDoctorate'sLess than 1CharlottesvilleVAUnited StatesSNFFull Time404491500NoN/A
05/27/24OTMaster's10+WadesboroNCUnited StatesSNFFull Time4040.6583000NoNoSelect Rehab. Suburban. No union. Full benefits. At this rate for 8 years. Lymphedema, Vutal Stim, Neuro Re Ed., BLS, CPR. 85% productivity. 2 OT’s 4 COTA’s. Geriatric population. M-F schedule. No weekends. I love what I do. No salary negotiation. 10% pay cut from prior salary
05/28/24OTMaster'sLess than 1BothellWAUnited StatesEarly InterventionFull Time4041.4776305NoN/ANegotiated for a relocation bonus of $3,000. The company considers 44 weeks full-time, I personally will work 46 weeks.

NEW Resource! – OT FFS Database

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Fee for Service (Visit-Based / Fee Schedule / Reimbursement) Survey & Database for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

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DateOT/OTACityStateCountrySettingService #1Rate #1Service #2Rate #2Service #3Rate #3Service #4Rate #4Service #5Rate #5Service #6Rate #6Service #7Rate #7Service #8Rate #8Service #9Rate #9Service #10Rate #10Additional Notes
06/24/23OTSanta RosaCAUnited StatesHome HealthEvaluation115Progress Note110Discharge Summary110Start of Care135OTA Cosign5For home health agency. 1099. Rates provided for OT new to the setting, but 5 years as an OT. Tried to negotiate but company would not budge on the rates.
07/19/23OTPasadenaCAUnited StatesPediatricsProgress Note45
07/19/23OTGreenvilleSCUnited StatesPediatricsEvaluation8860 minute treatment44New graduate with <1 year experience. Contract position with no benefits. Facility is responsible for all appointment scheduling and insurance . Practitioners only responsible for treating and documentation.
11/22/23OTOrlandoFLUnited StatesTelehealth1 Hour Session54Online school based pediatrics with national contract company. No paid in-direct time.
12/04/23OTABurlingtonCTUnited StatesSchool SystemStart of Care38Discharge Summary38Progress Note38Screening38Consultation38