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Salary Database

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TimestampOT or COTA?Highest degreeYears of ExperienceCityStateSettingWork TypeHave you received a raise at this current position?Hourly Rate ($)Annual ($)Hours per week
5/18/2023 18:13:04OTMaster's1Santa RosaCAInpatientFull TimeYes5210816040
5/19/2023 9:04:18OTMaster'sLess than 1CordeleGAOutpatientFull TimeN/A397500040
5/24/2023 19:53:54OTAAssociate'sLess than 1MiamiFloridaALFFull TimeN/A264992040
5/26/2023 10:45:50OTMaster's10+Los AngelesCASchool SystemFull TimeYes499800040