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Occupational Therapy career advice and mentoring for Students and New Grads.

Consulting & coaching for OT Content Creators and Entrepreneurs.

Healthcare Career Advice

Your occupational therapy and healthcare career questions answered.

OT School Application Review

Stand out from other applicants with a personalized review of your strengths and weaknesses.

Occupational Therapy Mentoring

Mentoring for OT students, new grads, and practitioners.

Content Creator Coaching

Personalized coaching for OT content creators.

My name is Jeff and I am a licensed Occupational Therapist in California who specializes in working with adults and older adults. My experience includes working in healthcare as an EMT and as an OT in a hospital rehabilitation unit with clients who have had strokes, traumatic brain injuries, heart conditions, elective surgeries, falls, and many other acute and chronic conditions.

Occupational Therapists help clients regain their function in their natural environment.

Contrary to popular belief, OTs do not help clients to find jobs, but instead work alongside physical therapists, speech therapists, nurses, doctors, and other allied health professionals in the hospital, clinics, nursing homes, outpatient setting, home, and community.

Your Career Questions Answered.

Do you have questions about occupational therapy as a career?

• Should you choose OT or another allied health profession?
• Is it too late for you to choose OT?
• Where can occupational therapists work when they graduate?
• What kind of work-life balance do occupational therapists have?
• Will you be able to work while in OT school?
• How is a day-in-the-life like?
• Is occupational therapy physically demanding?
• How do you start your pre-OT journey?
• And more of your questions answered!

Confidently Make Your Career Decision.

• Choosing a career is a big life decision that can affect your future.
• OT school will require a big commitment of time, money, and energy.
• My consultation will help you confidently make a career decision about whether to choose OT or another career path.

OT School Application Review

Have you been rejected from OT school? Are you not sure if your application is as polished as it can be? Do you just want someone to look over your application? Are you looking for feedback from someone who has been through it before and know what makes an application outstanding?

Receive 1:1 feedback on your Occupational Therapy School Application.

• Prerequisite classes
• Shadowing hours
• Work and volunteer experience
• Letters of recommendation
• Resume
• Personal Statement
• Transcript
• Goals and deadlines
• Any questions you have
• And more!

• OT Application Review
(excludes personal statement) - $100
• OT Personal Statement Review Only - $100
• Complete Application Review - $200

Occupational Therapy Mentoring

Mentoring for OT students, new grads, and practitioners.

Are you looking for a mentor in occupational therapy?
- Falling behind in OT school?
- Need help with your capstone project?
- Having difficulty deciding on a fieldwork setting?
- Applying for a new OT job?
- Confused about job benefits?
- PRN or part time?
- How do you maintain your license?

Find a mentor for:
• OT School
• Fieldwork
• NBCOT® Exam
• Job Search
• Resume review
• Mock Interviews, and more!

Content Creator Coaching

Are you looking to improve your skills as a content creator? Do you have a website/blog, create graphics, make videos, record podcasts, use social media, or send e-mail newsletters? Get the most benefit out of every medium.

• Branding
• Graphic Design
• Website Marketing
• Podcasting
• Videography & Editing
and more!


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