Tracking your CEUs/PDUs with NBCOT’s Renewal Log | Free CEUs/PDUs as CAUs from NBCOT’s Navigator

Tracking your CEUs/PDUs with NBCOT’s Renewal Log | Free CEUs/PDUs as CAUs from NBCOT’s Navigator

NBCOT offers a Renewal Log to keep track of your continuing education. The screenshot below is my current progress. Now, in my head, I thought I was close to completing the 36 units for NBCOT, but as the meter shows, I am only about 55%.

Here is a Link of qualifying Activities by the NBCOT that count towards license renewal.

The Renewal Log can be very useful because it allows you to:

  • Input each activity, its appropriate category and input the number of credited hours.
  • Automatically calculates units remaining so that you can stay on track.
  • Features a PDU calculator to convert from CEUs or Contact hours to PDUs (The unit/format that NBCOT likes calculate in consideration for license renewal).
  • Upload certifications and proof documentation (do not know what purpose this serves yet).

When entering your activity into the box, be sure to note if they are contact hours, CEUs, or PDUs so that you do not enter the incorrect unit. You will find this usually in small print if submitting a completed certificate seminar/class/online module.

NBCOT also has its FREE Navigator, which offers quizes, simulations, and free assessment tools that can be counted towards CAUs – adding to the confusion with another unit type, but CAUs automatically get added to the Renewal Log once you complete them and are converted to PDUs for you. I am unsure how much each will count in terms of CAUs > PDUs.

As this is my first time using the Renewal Log, I do not know if it is purely to keep track of units, or if it can serve as a submission tool for NBCOT during the renewal process.

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