Where to get Vaccinated for COVID-19 Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

Where to Schedule an Appointment

  1. Check with your school, fieldwork coordinator, or fieldwork site.
  2. Check with your hospital (insurance) network.
  3. Check your local county health website, which may contain a list of vaccination sites.
  4. Sometimes other hospitals provide vaccinations to patients outside of their network, check hospital websites such as Kaiser, Sutter, or whichever is local to you.
  5. Check local pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Safeway, etc.

Other Tips

Consider checking at different times of the day — appointments may be cancelled and slots may open up. New slots often open in the evening, e.g. 8PM, 10PM, or at midnight for the next day. Check around those times.

Register for alerts and notifications with your county, hospital, or local resources for when schedule slots open up. You can receive alerts via text or e-mail.

Some websites such as hospitals may require you to register and may ask you personal identifying information. After registration, you can log in and search their network for local availability. You often do not necessarily need to be a member of these hospitals as students may qualify as healthcare workers.

Consider broadening your search parameters and driving farther for an appointment.

Don’t be picky about the type of brand of vaccine – they all are quite effective against preventing severe disease, ie, death. Get whichever is available first and near you.

If you are planning to take a series, e.g. Moderna or Pfizer – remember to schedule your 2nd follow-up appointment 1 month out.

Remember to save or take a picture of the COVID-19 vaccination card for record and for your 2nd vaccination.