Bedside Screening for Vision – Occupational Therapy

Tags Eye Movements, Eye Disease, Visually Impaired Persons, Vision Disorders, Blindness,  Diplopia, Vision, Binocular Vision, Monocular Visual Acuity, Visual Fields, Low Ocular Motility Disorders, Cortical Hemianopsia, Abducens Nerve Diseases, Abducens Nerve, Oculomotor Nerve, Trochlear Nerve, Visual Perception, Nystagmus, Strabismus, Smooth pursuits, Saccades, Depth perception, Stereopsis, Gaze disorder, internuclear opthalmoplegia, Parinaud’s syndrome, Weber’s syndrome, Skew deviation, … Read more

How to Quickly Size / Select / Choose a Temporary Wheelchair for Occupational Therapy

Purpose A guide for occupational therapists and physical therapists to quickly size and select a wheelchair for your patient in acute care, acute rehab, and skilled nursing facility. What this Guide is NOT This is NOT a guide to selecting a wheelchair for long-term use such as for those with spinal cord injuries, degenerative conditions … Read more