Dementia and Wandering | Occupational Therapy Interventions & Evidence-Informed Practice Guidelines

Motivation for this article I recently saw some social media posts from OTs on managing wandering or those who are a ‘flight risk’ with dementia. They offer some great ideas such as environmental barriers to prevent wandering outside the home – that sounds good at least in theory. Modern approaches may even incorporate smart home … Read more

The New FDA Approved Alzheimer’s Drug Aduhelm and Occupational Therapy Practice

Aduhelm Controversy A headline showed up in my feed about how medicare may potentially cover the cost of the $56,000 annual controversial drug for Alzheimer’s, Aduhelm. This drug has created a lot of controversy as the FDA has approved it despite weak evidence for its efficacy and fierce criticism in the medical and research world. … Read more

Dementia Fall Risk and Prevention Education Occupational Therapy

Dementia Fall Interventions

Introduction An important intervention for patients with dementia and their family is education about fall risks and prevention strategies. Falls are a complex and multifactorial issue that can result in patient injury and morbidity, especially in older adults. People with dementia are 5 times more likely to be institutionalized than people with dementia who do … Read more