Occupational Therapy Salary Negotiation

occupational therapy salary negotiation

Should you Negotiate Salary? The short answer? Yes. Even if you are a new grad, don’t let this prevent you from negotiating your salary. Glassdoor released a study that found that the average American could be earning about $7,500 more per year than their current annual base salary. If you don’t negotiate, then you may … Read more

The Most Important Employee Benefits Based on Different Generations – 2019

  If you offer benefits or considering offering benefits to your employees, this study is very insightful both from a generation perspective and overall perspective of what employees perceive as more important in terms of job benefits. While each individual may have their own preferences, this study has interesting findings to each generation group. Besides … Read more

Occupational Therapists: Family Planning? Expecting to be Pregnant? Consider Short-Term Disability Insurance

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or affiliate post to sell you insurance. I am writing this post because I wish I knew about this resource when I was family planning around the time of open-enrollment with my employer. Introduction Are you a future mom planning to have a baby such as next year? It … Read more