New Stroke Patient ARU/IRF Checklist for Occupational Therapy

Equipment & Supplies Wheelchair with necessary pieces (including anti-tippers) W/C arm trough Hemi-arm sling Drop-arm Commode Fall risk armband Grippy socks Eye-patching for diplopia Shower set-up and DME Sara Stedy Hoyer lift Splints Built-up utensils Theraputty Earplugs Diary (pain, sleep, symptoms) Environment Signage for safety and recommendations, e.g. arm sling during transfers. Wheelchair and bed … Read more

Wheelchair – Family & Caregiver OT Training Checklist

Wheelchair Checklist Featured

Background This post contains a list of topics to cover when providing wheelchair education to family and caregivers. This checklist is intended to be comprehensive and not every item applies to the client’s specific situation. Warning As always, follow manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for use to prevent injury and harm. Do not modify a wheelchair … Read more