Thoughts on: Deliberately Dying as an Occupation

I have always wondered how death played into the profession of occupational therapy. As there are many definitions of occupation that have changed over time, this can be challenging. However, one thing seems to be missing from these definitions and that is the concept of, preparation of, and process of death. One definition of occupation … Read more

New Occupation Definition in OTPF-4 (Occupational Therapy Practice Framework)

Occupation Definition OTPF-4

Occupation Definition Update See our blog post on other changes and updates in the OTPF-4. OTPF-3 Occupation – Daily life activities in which people engage. Occupations occur in context and are influenced by the interplay among client factors, performance skills, and performance patterns. Occupations occur over time; have purpose, meaning, and perceived utility to the … Read more

Occupation as Means vs Ends Explained & Examples – Occupational Therapy

Occupation as Means and End Featured

Occupations as means and end were described by Catherine Trombly in 1995. Occupation Definition In the early days of occupational therapy, crafts were used as diversions, as general methods of recovery from disease and injury (Llorens, 1993; Slagle, 1914), and for their utilitarian value because products were produced that could be sold (Haas, 1922). Occupational … Read more