Where to Find Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) – Occupational Therapy

In occupational therapy, evidence-based practice is the integration of various factors to inform clinical practice with clients, groups, and the population. Factors that are considered include: Research and evidence in the literature Clinical expertise and opinion Client and caregiver perspectives Clinicians consider these factors together to make their practice decisions and to provide high-quality services … Read more

Lifestyle Redesign® – Pharmacological Alternative to Chronic Pain Management in Occupational Therapy

Lifestyle Redesign Chronic Pain Occupational Therapy

Introduction In my recent research, I came across an interesting article on the efficacy of CBT for various psychosocial conditions as well as other conditions. Hofmann et al. found inconclusive evidence for CBT chronic pain management. Interestingly, the CDC also recommending alternatives to pharmacological methods for chronic pain including CBT, exercise therapy, intervention treatments, and … Read more