Vision Evaluation Assessment Screening in Acute Care and Acute Rehab

Vision Assessment Evaluation Featured

Occupational therapists should try to establish a baseline for vision upon admission whenever possible in acute care and acute rehab. OTs can use this battery of visual screens to quickly establish such as baseline to compare to at discharge. If a suspected condition warrants additional assessment, OTs can use a more sensitive and thorough tool … Read more

Free Therapy Assessment Tools for Geriatrics and Older Adults

10 Meter Walk Test 2 Minute Walk Test 30 Second Sit to Stand Test 360 Degree Turn Test 6 Minute Walk Test Baecke Physical Activity Questionnaire Barthel Index / Modified Barthel Index Berg Balance Scale Borg Rating Scale of Perceived Exertion Braden Scale Brief Cognitive Rating Scale Caregiver Strain Index Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction … Read more

Aging in Place – Lessons Learned from an Occupational Therapist

Intended Audience General Public Older Adults Family members OT Practitioners OT Students Background According to the CDC, the average life expectancy in the United States is 78 years. Interestingly, the average life expectancy of other countries such in Canada and Europe surpasses that of the US. Nonetheless, older adults are not only living longer but … Read more