Big List of Sample Goals for ADLs in Occupational Therapy Physical Disabilities for Acute Care / SNF / Acute Rehab / Home Health

Bed Mobility and Transfers 1. The patient will independently turn side to side within the bed three times during each 8-hour shift over the next two weeks to prevent pressure ulcers and improve overall comfort and well-being. 2. The patient will independently perform a sit-to-stand transfer from the bed to a chair with minimal verbal … Read more

BIG List of Sample IEP Goals for School Occupational Therapy

1. Abstract thinking: The student will develop abstract thinking skills to understand and apply concepts or ideas that are not concrete or directly observable. 2. Adaptive equipment and strategies: The student will learn to use adaptive equipment or strategies to accommodate physical or cognitive challenges and maximize independence in daily activities. 3. Assistive technology: The … Read more