Brain Injury (ABI/TBI) Care Continuum / Settings for Occupational Therapy

Acute Emergency Services (EMS) Emergency Department Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Specialty Neurotrauma OR Long-term Acute Care Post-Acute Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Hospital Post-Acute Residential Rehabilitation OR Home with Family and Outpatient Treatment OR SubAcute Rehabilitation Independent LivingSupported Living Program in Group Home or ApartmentHome with Family and OT ServicesNursing Care Facility Source: Rocky … Read more

Sequence and Transition of Care of Occupational Therapy Settings in the Healthcare System

Occupational Therapy Healthcare Settings

How does the public typically receive occupational therapy services in the US healthcare system? This post will describe a common progression of settings that patients/clients will experience from admission to discharge. Emergency A patient, family member, or bystander activates 911 and the emergency response system to call for an ambulance or a patient may be … Read more

Quadruple Aim (New Triple Aim) in Occupational Therapy

Introduction Recently, a quadruple aim has been proposed by many allied health professionals to expand on the quadruple aim. As we will see, the proposed quadruple aim has many implications on the original triple aim of improving client care, but also has an effect on clinicians. Let’s review the triple aim. Why? The Triple Aim … Read more

Occupational Therapy Exposure Risk to Diseases such as COVID-19

Background Are you are considering a career in healthcare with occupational therapy? You may be wondering about the exposure risks and hazards to diseases with the recent pandemic of COVID-19. This post will outline the exposure risk in comparison with some other professions to help you gain insight and make an informed decision about occupational … Read more