Understanding and Supporting Interoception in Occupational Therapy: Case Studies

Interoception, often referred to as the “eighth sense,” plays a crucial role in how individuals perceive and respond to their internal bodily signals. This sense is essential for self-regulation, emotional awareness, and overall well-being. For occupational therapy practitioners, understanding interoception and its impact on daily functioning is vital for providing effective interventions, particularly in pediatric … Read more

Mindfulness Practice Made Simple for Occupational Therapy

History Mindfulness is based on Eastern practices rooted from Buddhism. Not a new practice, but has been practiced over 2500 years. Adopted by Western psychotherapy and pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness Definition There are many definitions and other terms for the concept and practice of mindfulness. Kabat-Zinn defined it as: “The awareness that emerges through … Read more

Is School-Based Mindfulness Not As Effective As We Thought? | Occupational Therapist Evidence Based Review

About Mindfulness Mindfulness has seen some promising results in research for conditions such as stress and PTSD. I took a short course on mindfulness in OT school and learned about the research in different areas and its benefits. I have noticed an increase in school-based mindfulness interventions and practice (SBMI; SBMP). “Mindfulness is a type … Read more