Occupation as Means vs Ends Explained & Examples – Occupational Therapy

Occupation as Means and End Featured

Occupations as means and end were described by Catherine Trombly in 1995. Occupation Definition In the early days of occupational therapy, crafts were used as diversions, as general methods of recovery from disease and injury (Llorens, 1993; Slagle, 1914), and for their utilitarian value because products were produced that could be sold (Haas, 1922). Occupational … Read more

Occupational Therapy New Grad California Labor Laws and FAQ – COVID-19 Update

Occupational Therapy New Grad California Labor Laws

  Introduction Congratulations on getting hired on your first occupational therapy job! If this is your first time working full time as an occupational therapist, then this post will inform you of the labor laws in California. Each state has its own laws and this post cannot describe all such laws. However, it should give … Read more